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It Was Always You by Judy Corry Review

Title: It Was Always You

Author: Judy Corry

Published July 3, 2018

286 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9781983341533 (ISBN10: 1983341533)

Rating: 3.94


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About the Author

Meet Judy Corry, a talented author specializing in young adult and sweet contemporary romance. Her stories capture the magic of falling in love and are filled with unforgettable characters, heartwarming moments, and happy endings.

Currently residing in Southern Utah with her husband and four children, she’s living her own fairy tale with the boy who took her to Jr. Prom.

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Editoral Review

It Was Always You by Judy Corry is a heartwarming novel published on July 3, 2018. Corry is a bestselling author who has published numerous other books, mainly in the romance genre.

This book is another addition to her growing list of publications and has received much appreciation from her fans. The novel centers around Ellie Sanders, who has always lived in her best friend and next-door neighbor Nolan’s shadow.

Despite her talents and aspirations, Ellie struggles to move from her comfort zone and take control of her life. But things take a turn when Ellie realizes her love for Nolan, who is engaged to another woman.

The conflict between Ellie’s hidden feelings and Nolan’s impending marriage forms the crux of the book. Set in the picturesque state of Montana, this story unfolds into a beautiful romance that will tug at your heartstrings.

Corry’s writing style is ethical, easy to follow, and compelling. She has created characters that are relatable to the reader, and their development over the plot is noteworthy.

The pacing of the book is appropriate, with no dull moments or unnecessary plot twists. The plot itself is a classic romance, but the writing and character arcs make it stand out.

The novel portrays themes of friendship, love, loyalty, and destiny. Corry has executed these themes in a way that makes the reader connect with the story on a deeper level.

It highlights the importance of self-love and the courage it takes to pursue our passions. Moreover, the novel raises questions about societal expectations and the choices we make in life.

It Was Always You is a well-written romance novel with an enticing plot and relatable characters. Although it shares similarities with other books in the genre, Corry has made it stand out with her character development and writing.

The novel has no significant flaws, except for being slightly predictable at times. Therefore, I recommend this book to its target audience, including young adults, romance enthusiasts, and fans of Judy Corry’s previous books.

It is an excellent read, especially for those who want to indulge in a light yet captivating novel. On a scale of five, I would rate It Was Always You a solid four, owing to its writing style, character development, and themes.