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Judgement in Death by J.D. Robb Review

Title: Judgement in Death

Author: J.D. Robb

First published September 1, 2000

446 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9780749956219 (ISBN10: 0749956216)

Rating: 4.36


She stood in the middle of chaos and chaos was all she could see. The mayhem and destruction of it, the coldness of its brutality.

A high-profile murder case that has shaken the city, and homicide lieutenant Eve Dallas is on the case. A prominent businessman has been found dead in his office, his body riddled with bullets.

The killer has left behind a cryptic message that seems to be a warning to Eve. As she delves deeper into the case, she realizes that the murder is just the tip of the iceberg.

There’s a sinister conspiracy brewing, and the people behind it will stop at nothing to keep their secrets hidden. With the help of her team and her billionaire husband’s vast resources, Eve must navigate through a labyrinth of lies and deceit to uncover the truth.

But as the body count rises and the stakes get higher, Eve finds herself facing an old enemy and a dangerous new foe. As the clock ticks down, Eve must rely on her wits and instincts to unravel the twisted web of corruption before it’s too late.

About the Author

J.D. Robb, a renowned author, has authored the In Death series, which has been a #1 New York Times bestseller. Nora Roberts, another #1 New York Times bestselling author, writes under the pseudonym J.D. Robb.

The In Death series is a futuristic suspense series that revolves around Eve Dallas, a police lieutenant in New York City, who has a troubling past. Initially, the series was planned as a trilogy, but readers’ love for Eve and the enigmatic Roarke led the author to write more.

The latest book in the series, Forgotten in Death, was released by St. Martin’s Press in September 2021 and is the 53rd book in the series.

Editoral Review

Judgement in Death by J.D. Robb is a gripping thriller that will leave readers on the edge of their seats. Robb is the pen name of renowned author Nora Roberts, who has written over 200 novels in various genres.

This book, first published on September 1, 2000, is part of the In Death series, which follows Lieutenant Eve Dallas as she solves complex crimes in a futuristic New York City. The In Death series is a blend of mystery, romance, and science fiction, with a touch of procedural cop drama.

Robb’s writing style is fast-paced, witty, and engaging, with vivid descriptions of the characters and their surroundings. The themes explored in the series are universal, such as morality, justice, love, and family.

In Judgement in Death, Lieutenant Dallas investigates a series of murders targeting prominent lawyers in the city. As she delves deeper into the case, she discovers a web of corruption, cover-ups, and revenge that leads to powerful people at the top of the legal system.

Meanwhile, she also deals with personal issues, such as her rocky relationship with her husband, Roarke, and her traumatic past that resurfaces in nightmares. The plot of the book is intricate and unpredictable, with many twists and turns that keep the reader guessing until the end.

The main characters are well-developed and relatable, with unique personalities and backgrounds. Dallas is a tough, smart, and empathetic detective who struggles with her inner demons and her sense of duty.

Roarke is a charming, wealthy, and loyal husband who supports Dallas in her work and her life. The villains are complex, ruthless, and human, with motives and flaws that make them more than mere stereotypes.

The setting of the book is futuristic but believable, with advanced technology, fashion, and social norms that reflect the author’s vision of the year 2059. However, the issues raised in the book are timeless and relevant, such as ethics in the legal system, abuse of power, and prejudice against women and minorities.

Robb’s writing style is impressive, with a keen sense of dialogue, action, and emotion. She handles the suspense and the romance with equal skill, weaving them together seamlessly.

Her prose is elegant yet accessible, with a touch of humor and irony. The pacing of the book is excellent, with short chapters that alternate between different points of view and subplots.

One of the strengths of Judgement in Death is its exploration of the psychological and emotional aspects of crime-solving. Dallas is not just a detective, but also a human being who faces challenges in her personal and professional life.

Her struggles with trust, intimacy, and authority make her more relatable and multidimensional than many other fictional detectives. The book also raises important questions about justice and morality, such as whether the end justifies the means, and how far one should go to protect the innocent.

However, the book also has some flaws and limitations. One of them is its reliance on coincidence and technology to solve the case.

Some of the clues and leads seem too convenient or unrealistic, and some of the gadgets and tools used by the characters border on science fiction. Another weakness is the predictability of some of the subplots, such as the resolution of Dallas’s nightmares and her relationship with Roarke.

Overall, Judgement in Death is a well-crafted, engaging, and entertaining thriller that will satisfy fans of the genre and the series. It has a strong plot, compelling characters, and thought-provoking themes.

However, it also has some flaws and limitations that may detract from its credibility and impact. For readers who enjoy fast-paced police procedurals with a touch of romance and humor, and who are willing to suspend disbelief for the sake of the story, this book is highly recommended.

However, for readers who prefer more realistic or character-driven mysteries, or who are not familiar with the series, this book may not be the best introduction.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

Criteria: plot, characters, themes, writing style, pacing, originality, credibility, impact.

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