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Lange Schatten by Erin Hunter Review

Title: Lange Schatten

Author: Erin Hunter

First published November 25, 2008

352 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 9783407811462

Rating: 4.32


In the latest installment of the Vampire Queen series, bestselling author Joey W. Hill weaves a thrilling tale of forbidden love and dangerous alliances.

Anwyn, a woman torn between two men, finds herself at the mercy of a bloodthirsty rogue vampire. With her life hanging in the balance, vampire hunter Gideon Green and vampire Daegan Rei must put aside their differences and work together to save the woman they both desire.

As the clock ticks down and the danger intensifies, Anwyn is forced to confront her true feelings and make a choice that will change her life forever. Prepare to be captivated by the sizzling paranormal erotica and mesmerizing storytelling of Vampire Mistress.

About the Author

Did you know that Erin Hunter is not just one person, but a group of five talented writers? Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, Tui T.

Sutherland, Gillian Philip, and Inbali Iserles, along with editor Victoria Holmes, work together to create the popular Warriors series, as well as the Seekers and Survivors series. In fact, Erin Hunter is currently working on a new series called Bravelands.

What inspires Erin Hunter’s writing? A love of cats and a fascination with the natural world’s ferocity.

Erin also has a deep respect for nature in all its forms and enjoys crafting imaginative explanations for animal behavior, drawing inspiration from astronomy and standing stones.

Editoral Review

Lange Schatten, written by Erin Hunter, is a fascinating novel that offers an exciting narrative with numerous twists and turns. Published on November 25, 2008, the book presents a captivating story with a unique approach that guarantees to keep readers glued to its pages.

As an author, Erin Hunter is renowned for her remarkable ability to weave intriguing narratives that appeal to readers of all ages. Hunter’s style is somewhat reminiscent of a folk tale, and her writing wonderfully portrays this, as the book offers an imaginative storyline with well-defined characters that are easy to follow.

Lange Schatten tells the story of a group of animals that live together in a vast forest, each having its own distinctive culture and belief system. These creatures exist alongside one another in an intricate web of alliances and conflicts.

The fox, for instance, is a widely respected predator and hunter, while the rabbit has found a way to live in peaceful harmony with both friend and foe. While introducing the diverse species of animals that inhabit the forest, the author seamlessly adds depth to the wildlife world she’s created.

A conflict ensues when the animals face the threat of an unknown and potentially deadly hunter encroaching on their territory. As the inhabitants of the forest grapple with this new threat, they must come together to ward off the danger and preserve their home.

One of the strengths of Lange Schatten is how the character development of both the protagonists and antagonists is presented in a way that makes it easy to identify with their hopes and fears. The book explores the themes of trust, loyalty, and betrayal in ways that bring these issues to life.

The pacing of the novel is swift and keeps readers wanting to read one chapter after another. Hunter does an excellent job of maintaining tension and resolution in equal measure.

The plot structure of the book is also well-crafted, with numerous subplots that intersect to build tension and suspense. One of the significant weaknesses of Lange Schatten is that sometimes, the plot and storyline feel somewhat predictable.

However, Hunter’s artwork in character development and world-building overshadows the predictability of the plot. Lange Schatten’s cultural significance lies in how the book functions as a metaphor for contemporary society’s issues.

The social structure of the forest also works as a commentary on the organized society, with a keen reflection and interpretation of human action and interactions. In conclusion, Lange Schatten is an enjoyable book, with engaging characters and intricate plotline.

If you are a fan of animal tales, Erin Hunter’s books, or magical realism in general, then Lange Schatten should be on your reading list. I will give this book a rating of 4 out of 5, largely due to the strength of Hunter’s writing, world-building, and character development.