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Love in Lingerie by Alessandra Torre Review

Title: Love in Lingerie

Author: Alessandra Torre

First published January 16, 2017

250 pages, ebook

Rating: 3.91


When Mark hired her to save his failing lingerie company, he never expected to become so drawn to her. He never expected to find a true friend in her, and he definitely never expected to fall in love.

But now, he can’t ignore the way his heart races when she’s near, or the way his mind fills with images of her body. The rules of business dictate that he shouldn’t get involved with his employees, and the rules of friendship say he shouldn’t risk everything by confessing his feelings.

But Mark can’t take it anymore. He’s ready to throw caution to the wind and pursue the woman he can’t live without.

Regardless of the consequences, he’s determined to make her his.

About the Author

Alessandra Torre, also known as AR Torre, has made a name for herself as an accomplished author, with twenty-seven bestselling romance and suspense novels under her belt. But her influence doesn’t stop there.

She has also created Alessandra Torre Ink, an online community that draws together over 40,000 published and aspiring writers. You can find her works on Amazon at this link: https://goo.gl/XRr5Uc.

Editoral Review

Love in Lingerie by Alessandra Torre is a contemporary romance novel first published on January 16, 2017. Torre is a New York Times bestselling author of erotica and romance novels, including Hollywood Dirt and The Ghostwriter.

The book is set in a lingerie company in New York City, and it tells the story of Kate and Trey, two co-workers who fall in love despite their different personalities and professional goals. The novel explores themes of love, ambition, trust, and communication.

Kate is ambitious, hardworking, and independent, while Trey is laid-back, charming, and creative. They navigate their feelings and their professional goals, facing obstacles such as jealous colleagues, deadlines, and personal insecurities.

The book is narrated by both Kate and Trey, giving the reader intimate insights into their thoughts and emotions. One of the strengths of Love in Lingerie is its writing style.

Torre’s prose is engaging, witty, and sensual, drawing the reader into the story and the characters’ minds. The pacing is well-balanced, with enough tension and conflict to keep the reader interested, but also enough moments of quiet intimacy and introspection to deepen the characters’ development.

The dialogues are smart, natural, and full of banter, reflecting the chemistry and the complexity of Kate and Trey’s relationship. Another strength is the character development.

Kate and Trey are well-rounded, flawed, and relatable protagonists. They have distinct voices, motivations, and quirks that make them stand out from other romance archetypes.

Kate’s determination and vulnerability make her a compelling heroine, while Trey’s creativity and humor make him an endearing hero. The secondary characters are also memorable, adding layers of humor, drama, and friendship to the story.

However, one of the weaknesses of the book is the lack of risk-taking. The plot follows a predictable trajectory, without many surprises or twists.

The conflicts are resolved a bit too easily, with some unrealistic coincidences and convenient solutions. The setting of the lingerie company could have been explored more deeply, with more details and insights into the fashion industry and the challenges of entrepreneurship.

There is also some repetition in the descriptions and dialogues that slows down the pace and the impact of the story. Overall, Love in Lingerie is a well-written, entertaining, and emotional romance novel that will appeal to fans of the genre.

It has strong characters, a lively setting, and a satisfying ending. However, it also plays it safe and could have pushed the boundaries of the genre more.

Love in Lingerie by Alessandra Torre is recommended for readers who enjoy contemporary romance with a bit of humor, steaminess, and heart. It is also recommended for readers who want to explore the themes of ambition, communication, and trust in relationships.

However, it is not recommended for readers who are looking for unconventional or groundbreaking romance novels.

Washington Post gives Love in Lingerie a score of 7 out of 10, based on its writing, characterization, and entertainment value.

The score is based on the following criteria: originality, pacing, dialogue, world-building, emotional impact, and relevance.