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Love on a Summer Night by Zoe York Review

Title: Love on a Summer Night

Author: Zoe York

First published November 24, 2015

308 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9781926527222 (ISBN10: 1926527224)

Rating: 4.28


ALARA – The most skilled healer among the humans. It’s rumored she can cure any ailment, and she always puts her patients first.

But even she has to have a desire… somewhere.

Forces of darkness are closing in and have breached the barriers of the mortal realm. Now more than ever, the humans need protection from the Eternal Guardians.

Alara can’t afford to think about the past with the powerful guardian she once regarded as her soulmate. But with danger lurking around every corner, she also can’t imagine a future without the one man who makes her heart beat faster.

Perhaps she’s found her desire, after all…

About the Author

Zoe York, a bestselling author of the New York Times and USA Today, is a mom of two young boys and a wife to a soldier who is very understanding. She is known for creating modern and sexy small town contemporary romances.

Currently residing in London, Ontario, she spends her days drinking Americanos, cleaning up after sticky fingers, and daydreaming about heroes in and out of uniform.

Editoral Review

Book Review: Love on a Summer Night by Zoe York

Zoe York, a talented author known for her captivating romances, is back with another heart-warming tale in Love on a Summer Night. This novel was first published on November 24, 2015, and has since gained an impressive following.

Love on a Summer Night presents a perfect summer romance that will keep you captivated until the very end. The novel is set in New York and tells the story of Hannah – a skilled baker, and Hollis – a successful businessman.

The two of them met by chance at a charity event, and an instant connection forms. Hollis is instantly drawn to Hannah’s warm and caring personality, while Hannah’s attracted to Hollis’s confidence and suave demeanor.

Despite an instant connection, the two polar opposite characters will have to surmount various challenges if they want to realize their undeniable chemistry. One of the most significant strengths of this novel is the author’s style of writing.

Zoe York has a way of drawing readers into her world, allowing them to escape their everyday worries and immerse themselves in the story. The attention to detail and the presentation of the setting add to the ambiance of the novel – transporting readers to the streets of New York in a stunning and vivid manner.

In addition to the delightful writing style, the characters are refreshingly flawed and three-dimensional, allowing readers to connect with them emotionally. Hollis and Hannah are both nursing their emotional wounds, and as romance blossoms between them, they are required to navigate their pasts as well as the present.

York does an exceptional job of exploring the characters’ depths of emotions, slowly unwrapping their vulnerabilities, and helping readers identify with their fears and insecurities in a relatable and authentic way. One weakness of the novel, however, is the shallow exploration of certain conflicts.

As the novel progresses, some conflicts in the plot are introduced but not given enough depth to feel truly resolved. Despite this misstep, the novel is well-paced and engaging, with an unconventional storyline that will keep readers engrossed.

Additionally, the novel’s themes of forgiveness and healing are not only relevant but also meaningful.

In conclusion, Love on a Summer Night is an excellent summer read that’s highly recommended for fans of the romance genre.

It’s a must-read for anyone looking for a beautiful, heartwarming summer romance that will leave you feeling fulfilled. With its relatable characters, poignant themes, and captivating writing style, Love on a Summer Night is a definite 4.5 stars out of 5 for this reviewer.