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Love’s Rhythm by Lexxie Couper Review

Title: Love’s Rhythm

Author: Lexxie Couper

First published April 17, 2012

184 pages, ebook

ISBN: 9781609287023 (ISBN10: 1609287029)

Rating: 3.59


“Love’s Rhythm is more than just music. Can Nick and Lauren find harmony in their complicated past?” Nick Blackthorne is a rock star with a heart of gold.

He’s got everything he could ever want- fame, fortune, and a legion of fans. But he’s haunted by the memory of Lauren Robbins, the one woman he left behind.

When he discovers that Lauren will be attending a friend’s wedding, he knows it’s time to make amends. He wants her back in his life, but he’s not sure if she’ll accept his apology.

Lauren is a kindergarten teacher with a secret. She’s never quite gotten over Nick, but she’s learned to live without him.

When he suddenly shows up on her doorstep, she can’t resist his smoldering kiss. But there’s more at stake than just their love.

They both have secrets that could tear them apart. Will they find a way to make beautiful music together, or will they be forever out of sync?

Warning: This book contains explosive passion, soul-shattering orgasms, and enough raw emotion to make your heart skip a beat.

About the Author

Lexxie is not your typical author. With a wild imagination and a desire to entertain, she creates darkly erotic romances that are infused with elements of horror, sci-fi, and the paranormal.

When she’s not lost in her fantastical worlds, Lexxie’s life revolves around her family. She has a husband who thinks she’s crazy, an indoor cat who loves to chase shadows, and two yabbies that are determined to destroy their tank.

Her daughters have captured her heart and changed her life forever.

Although she’s not sure of her age, Lexxie has decided to stick with 27 for now. It’s the perfect age – old enough to be mature, but young enough to be silly.

And silly she can be! Her husband often has to put up with her spontaneous singing, public displays of affection, and rolling around in the sand with their dog (who is a bit of a troublemaker).

Lexxie lives by two simple rules – measure success by laughter and always try everything at least once. This philosophy has led her on many eyebrow-raising adventures, but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Editoral Review

Love’s Rhythm by Lexxie Couper is a contemporary romance novel about music and second chances. Couper, a bestselling author from Australia, is known for her steamy and emotionally-charged romances that tackle more than just love interests.

The novel was first published on April 17, 2012 and is a classic example of what fans of the genre crave: rich characters, sensual scenes, and a happily-ever-after that feels earned. The story follows Ruby, a talented musician who loses her hearing in a freak accident.

She’s forced to give up her passion and move back home to be with her family. Fast forward a few years, and she’s reunited with former flame, Ryan, who has just moved back to town to take over his dad’s bar.

Ryan is determined to win Ruby back and help her regain her love of music, and the two embark on a journey of rediscovery and healing. Couper excels at depicting complex characters with flaws and strengths that feel authentic.

Ruby is a fierce, independent woman who has to learn to rely on others after her injury. Ryan is a compassionate man who is still haunted by the mistakes he made in the past.

Together, they have great chemistry, both in and out of the sheets. The author also does an excellent job of integrating music into the story.

Whether it’s Ruby’s classical training, Ryan’s bar’s live performances, or the playlist they create together, music is a character in and of itself. Couper’s descriptions are vivid, and readers will find themselves tapping their feet to imaginary beats as they read.

One of the novel’s strengths is the pacing. There’s never a dull moment, and the story moves along at a good clip.

The conflicts feel organic, and readers will root for Ruby and Ryan throughout the ups and downs of their rollercoaster relationship. However, Love’s Rhythm is not perfect.

Some readers may find certain scenes to be too explicit or graphic. Also, the resolution of the conflict may feel too neat for some.

These are minor quibbles though, and overall, the book delivers on its promise of a satisfying romance. In terms of themes, Love’s Rhythm touches on themes of forgiveness, acceptance, and second chances.

It’s a book about overcoming obstacles and finding love in unexpected places. These are universal themes, and readers will find resonance in the characters’ journeys.

In conclusion, Love’s Rhythm is a well-written, steamy romance that will satisfy fans of the genre. Couper’s writing is evocative, and the story is both heartwarming and emotionally-charged.

Though it has some flaws, they are outweighed by the book’s strengths. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a passionate read that will leave them with a smile on their face.

I rate it four out of five stars.