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Mahalleden Arkadaşlar by Selçuk Aydemir Review

Title: Mahalleden Arkadaşlar

Author: Selçuk Aydemir

First published February 1, 2015

222 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9789751035356 (ISBN10: 975103535X)

Rating: 4.13


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About the Author

Born in Istanbul in 1982, this writer graduated from Istanbul Technical University as an aerospace engineer. As a creative mind, they wrote and directed popular TV shows like Üsküdar’a Giderken, İşler Güçler, and Kardeş Payı, as well as hit movies like Çalgı Çengi and Düğün Dernek.

Their debut book, Mahalleden Arkadaşlar, has been published and well-received.

Editoral Review

Seluk Aydemir’s Mahalleden Arkadalar (Friends from the Neighborhood) is a truly enjoyable and entertaining novel that provides readers with insight into modern-day Turkey while also weaving a heartwarming tale of friendship and community. Aydemir, a Turkish author, is known for his work as a screenwriter and director, having directed the popular Turkish television series, Leyla and Mecnun.

Mahalleden Arkadalar is his first novel, and it was first published on February 1, 2015. The genre of the novel is contemporary fiction, and it primarily focuses on themes of friendship, community, and individualism.

The story is set in Istanbul’s Tarlaba neighborhood, a historically impoverished area that is undergoing gentrification. The story centers around five young men and the community they live in.

The characters are described in great detail, and each one is unique in their personalities, struggles, and ambitions. The main character, Rafet, is a dispassionate and laid-back man who works as a concierge in an apartment complex.

He and his friends enjoy spending their time together, and their everyday lives become more interesting when they meet a new neighbor who adds a spark of romance to the story. The plot of the novel is carefully crafted, with each event and interaction between the characters leading to a cohesive and satisfying conclusion.

Aydemir brings life to the neighborhood and the community with his vivid descriptions and engaging dialogue. The pace of the story flows seamlessly, and the novel is never dull or predictable.

Mahalleden Arkadalar has a cultural significance, as it provides a glimpse into modern-day Istanbul and the changes it is undergoing. It highlights the issues facing neighborhoods and communities during gentrification and how it affects the individuals living there.

Aydemir’s writing is engaging, and his character development is strong. The five young men in the novel are well-rounded with unique backgrounds and personalities, making them relatable to readers.

The author explores themes of friendship, love, and the individual’s place in society with a delicate and thoughtful approach. One of the novel’s limitations is that some readers might find the ending predictable.

The story is a heartwarming tale of community and the power of friendship, so the conclusion is satisfying, but it does not contain any major plot twists. Overall, Mahalleden Arkadalar is an enjoyable and heartwarming read that provides insight into modern-day Turkey and the issues facing its neighborhoods and communities.

Aydemir’s writing is engaging, and his characters are well-developed. Despite some potential shortcomings, the novel is well worth a read.

Those who enjoy contemporary fiction and stories about the importance of community and friendship would benefit from reading this book. It is a lovely tale that readers will enjoy from start to finish.

Therefore, I would recommend reading Seluk Aydemir’s Mahalleden Arkadalar, giving it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

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