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Maid for the Rock Star by Demelza Carlton Review

Title: Maid for the Rock Star

Author: Demelza Carlton

First published August 3, 2015

310 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 3.2


As a maid at the luxurious Paradise Beach Resort, Audrey is used to handling the demands of high-profile guests. She’s seen it all, from rock stars to billionaires, and she’s always kept their secrets safe.

But there’s one rule she never breaks – no fraternizing with the guests. That is until Jay Felix, the infamous rock star, checks in and sets his sights on her.

Jay is determined to win Audrey over, but she knows better than to fall for a guest. As the two grow closer, Audrey finds herself falling for the charming and mysterious Jay.

But with the resort’s no-relationship policy and Jay’s rock star lifestyle, their love affair may be doomed before it even begins. Join Audrey and Jay in paradise, where the temperature isn’t the only thing that’s sizzling.

About the Author

Demelza Carlton, a bestselling author in the USA, has always had a fascination with the ocean. However, during her first snorkelling experience, she discovered that she was afraid of fish.

Despite this initial fear, she has since braved swimming with sea lions, sharks, and even sea cucumbers. Demelza has also found herself standing atop cliffs, being sprayed by the ocean’s waves as a massive cyclonic swell crashed into a nearby shipwreck.

Some may view her experiences as sensationalist, but Demelza simply enjoys capturing these moments with her camera so she can share them with others. She now resides in Perth, Western Australia, which is known as the shark attack capital of the world.

Demelza’s first venture into fiction was the Ocean’s Gift series, followed by the Nightmares trilogy. She claims that the Mel Goes to Hell series was an unexpected creation that found her on a crowded train and refused to let go.

Editoral Review

Maid for the Rock Star by Demelza Carlton is a steamy romance novel that was first published on August 3, 2015. The novel is set in the present-day and revolves around the lives of the two protagonists, Melinda and Jake.

Melinda is a hardworking maid who is employed by a wealthy family. One day, the familys son, Jake, who is a famous rock star, returns home and Melinda finds herself drawn to his charismatic and enigmatic personality.

What follows is a passionate romance between the two, punctuated by drama and tension. The writing style of Carlton is engaging, and the characters are well-developed with their own unique quirks and flaws.

The pacing of the story is good, although there are certain parts that could have been condensed to make the story more focused. The setting of the novel is contemporary, which is refreshing, and there is no doubt that the book is an enjoyable read.

However, there are some flaws in the book. The story is a tad predictable, and the characters sometimes act implausibly, which breaks the reader’s suspension of disbelief.

Additionally, certain parts of the book are quite repetitive, which could have been avoided with tighter editing. Despite its shortcomings, Maid for the Rock Star is a good novel that will appeal to fans of steamy romance.

Carlton has a real talent for writing engaging characters, and the chemistry between Melinda and Jake is electric.

Overall, I would recommend Maid for the Rock Star to anyone looking for a good summer read.

The book successfully mixes drama, romance, and tension into an enjoyable and entertaining story that will leave readers wanting more. It is not a literary masterpiece but it does what it sets out to do in charming fashion.

For these reasons, I give this book a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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