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Melt by Helen Hardt Review

Title: Melt

Author: Helen Hardt

First published December 20, 2016


ISBN: 1230001192407

Rating: 4.34


Enter a world of passion and intrigue with Helen Hardt’s Surrender. The enigmatic Jonah Steel has finally found love with Melanie Carmichael, but he knows he can’t give himself fully to her until he uncovers the truth about his family’s past.

As a new threat emerges, Jonah and Melanie must work together to eliminate it. But while Melanie longs for a commitment from Jonah, she still harbors secrets from her own past.

With danger lurking at every turn, will they uncover the truth before it’s too late? Surrender to the thrill of this seductive novel and find out.

About the Author

Helen Hardt is a bestselling author who has a deep love for literature. Her passion started at a young age when her mother read to her before bed.

Ever since then, she has been writing and hasn’t stopped. Hardt is an accomplished writer who has won awards for contemporary and historical romance and erotica.

When she’s not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, practicing Taekwondo, appreciating a glass of red wine, and indulging in Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Hardt works from her home in Colorado.

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Editoral Review

Helen Hardts Melt is a gripping contemporary romance novel that is sure to leave readers spellbound. Published on December 20, 2016, Hardts work is the fourth book in her Steel Brothers Saga series.

The novel is a heartwarming and steamy portrayal of attraction, love, and survival that is bound to capture readers hearts. Hardt is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, known for her romantic and erotic novels.

Melt is a continuation of her Steel Brothers Saga series, a collection of stories that explore the dark side of love, loss, and family secrets. In Melt, Hardt introduces us to the brooding and damaged Ryan Steel, a man grappling with the aftermath of a devastating tragedy.

Melt is a beautifully crafted story set in Denver, Colorado. The novel revolves around Ryan Steel, a man consumed with guilt and grief over the loss of his sister.

Ryan has never been able to move past his sisters death, and his life is spiraling out of control. In an attempt to find solace and healing, he turns to the fiery beauty, Ruby Lee, but their relationship is complicated by their past.

Hardts writing is engaging and descriptive, pulling the reader into the story from the very first page. Her portrayal of Ryan as a complex character struggling to come to terms with his past is both authentic and compelling.

The pacing of the story is excellent, keeping readers on the edge of their seats throughout. One of the strengths of Melt is Hardts skillful character development.

Ruby Lee, the heroine of the novel, is a feisty and spirited character who is as damaged as Ryan. Her bravery, resilience, and strength are admirable.

The chemistry between Ryan and Ruby is electric, and their love story is intense, passionate, and believable. Despite its many strengths, Melt has a few drawbacks.

The novel is heavily reliant on the previous installments in the series, which may make it difficult for readers to fully engage with the story if they have not read the first three books. Additionally, some readers may find the novel’s erotic scenes too graphic for their taste.

In the end, Melt is a beautifully written novel that is sure to leave readers both entertained and emotionally touched. It is an excellent addition to the Steel Brothers Saga series and showcases Hardts immense talent as a writer.

Fans of contemporary romance novels are sure to enjoy this compelling story of love, loss, and personal growth. I would recommend Melt to fans of the romance genre, particularly those who enjoy stories that combine romance and erotica.

However, I would advise readers to read the previous installments in the series to fully appreciate Melt’s plot and characters. Overall, I would give Melt a rating of 4 out of 5, for its excellent character development, engaging plot, and emotional resonance.

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