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Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett Review

Title: Men at Arms

Author: Terry Pratchett

First published January 1, 1993

377 pages, Mass Market Paperback

ISBN: 9780061092190 (ISBN10: 0061092193)

Rating: 4.39


“Join the City Watch and become a true MAN! But don’t be surprised if your fellow officers include a technically-a-dwarf Corporal Carrot, a really-a-dwarf Lance-constable Cuddy, a troll Lance constable Detritus, a woman-most-of-the-time Lance constable Angua, and the disqualified-from-human-race Corporal Nobbs (who has a habit of shoving). They may not fit the traditional mold, but they’re the only hope for cleaning up Ankh-Morpork in just twenty-four hours.

Can they rise to the challenge? Find out in Men at Arms by Terry Pratchett.”

About the Author

Sir Terry Pratchett was a talented writer, born as Terence David John Pratchett. He made his first sale at the young age of thirteen, earning enough money to purchase a second-hand typewriter.

His first published novel, The Carpet People, was a humorous fantasy book released by Colin Smythe in 1971. Terry worked as a journalist and press officer for many years, writing in his free time, and publishing several books, including his first Discworld novel in 1983.

In 1987, he became a full-time writer.

Terry wrote over 40 books in the Discworld series, of which four were written for young readers. The first of these, The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents, won the Carnegie Medal.

He also collaborated with Neil Gaiman in 1990, writing the non-Discworld book Good Omens, which has been a bestseller for many years.

In 2008, Harper Children’s published Terry’s standalone novel for young adults, Nation. His final book, The Shepherd’s Crown, was published in October 2011.

Pratchett was known as one of the most significant contemporary English-language satirists and won numerous literary awards. He was awarded an Officer of the British Empire (OBE) in 1998 for “services to literature” and received honorary doctorates from several universities for his contribution to public service.

Sadly, in December 2007, Pratchett revealed that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. He was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in February 2009 and received the World Fantasy Life Achievement Award in 2010.

Sir Terry Pratchett passed away on 12th March 2015, but his legacy lives on through his beloved books.

Editoral Review

Men at Arms is a fantasy novel by Terry Pratchett that was first published in January 1993. Pratchett is a prolific author of science fiction and fantasy novels, and his work is known for its humor, satire, and social commentary.

Men at Arms is the fifteenth book in Pratchett’s Discworld series, which is set in a flat, disc-shaped world that is carried on the backs of four elephants standing on the shell of a giant turtle. The novel is a detective story that follows the City Watch of Ankh-Morpork, a fictional city that is home to humans, dwarfs, trolls, and other fantasy creatures.

The City Watch is tasked with solving a series of murders that have taken place in the city, which are connected to the theft of a powerful artifact that could lead to the overthrow of the city’s rulers. The novel’s main characters are members of the City Watch, including Captain Samuel Vimes, Sergeant Colon, and Corporal Carrot.

The novel also introduces new characters, such as Angua, a female werewolf who joins the City Watch, and Detritus, a troll who becomes a key player in the investigation. The setting of the novel is Ankh-Morpork, a city that is described as a melting pot of cultures and races.

The city is in the midst of a political upheaval, as a new king is about to be crowned and tensions are rising among the city’s different factions. Pratchett’s writing is witty and satirical, and he uses the novel’s fantasy setting to explore issues of class, race, and gender.

The novel’s humor is often dark, and it is used to offset the more serious themes of the book. The novel’s strengths lie in its character development and world-building.

Pratchett creates a rich and complex world that is populated by a diverse cast of characters, each with their own motivations and backstories. The novel’s pacing is also well-done, with the mystery unfolding at a steady pace that keeps the reader engaged.

One weakness of the novel is that it can be difficult to follow at times, especially for readers who are not familiar with the Discworld series. The novel assumes a certain level of knowledge about the setting and characters that may be challenging for new readers.

Overall, Men at Arms is a well-crafted and entertaining fantasy novel that is sure to delight fans of Terry Pratchett and the Discworld series. Its blend of humor and social commentary makes it a thought-provoking read that will appeal to readers of all ages.

I give it four out of five stars.

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