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Midnight Exposure by Melinda Leigh Review

Title: Midnight Exposure

Author: Melinda Leigh

First published August 21, 2012

306 pages, Paperback

Rating: 4.12


When a storm hits the small town of Willow Creek, Maine, two hikers go missing. Tabloid photographer, Lily Parks, is determined to uncover the truth behind their disappearance.

Following a lead to the reclusive artist, Gabriel Shaw, Lily instead finds herself drawn to the rugged handyman, Finn O’Connor. However, as she delves deeper into the mystery, Lily discovers that the town is full of dark secrets and dangerous individuals.

With the help of Finn, who has his own tragic past, Lily uncovers a string of murders that are linked to a mysterious Celtic artifact. As they race against time to find the killer, Lily and Finn must navigate their growing attraction while trying to stay alive.

Will they be able to solve the case before it’s too late?

About the Author

Melinda Leigh, an author who has topped both the Wall Street Journal and Amazon bestseller lists, used to work in banking but found writing books to be much more enjoyable than analyzing financial statements. Her first novel, SHE CAN RUN, was even nominated for Best First Novel by the International Thriller Writers.

Since then, she has received many writing accolades, including two RITA® Award nominations and an induction into the NJ Romance Writers Hall of Fame. Her books have sold over 10 million copies worldwide.

In her free time, Melinda enjoys martial arts, rescuing dogs, and supporting sea turtle conservation efforts.

Editoral Review

Melinda Leigh’s Midnight Exposure is a thrilling tale that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Leigh, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, is renowned for her captivating stories.

Midnight Exposure follows the story of one Mason Callahan, a detective who returns to his hometown of Scarlet Falls, seeking to unravel the mystery surrounding a local woman’s murder. Along the way, he teams up with Ava Kodack, a wildlife photographer who unknowingly captured the killer on camera.

Together, Mason and Ava work diligently to solve the case, but as they get closer to the truth, they find themselves embroiled in a dangerous web of lies and deception. One of the book’s standout qualities is its well-rounded characters.

Leigh pays close attention to detail when crafting her characters, making them feel real and relatable. Mason, for instance, is a flawed character who is battling personal demons, including unresolved childhood trauma.

His struggles add a layer of complexity and depth to the story, making it more than just a typical murder mystery. The pacing of the book is also noteworthy.

Leigh masterfully builds tension and suspense, keeping readers hooked until the final pages. The setting of Scarlet Falls, a small town in Pennsylvania, adds to the book’s charm.

The descriptions of the town’s rugged landscape and natural beauty are excellent, creating an immersive reading experience. Some may argue that the book’s plot is somewhat predictable.

However, the book’s strengths far outweigh any potential weaknesses. One of Leigh’s strengths is her ability to tackle difficult subject matter, including trauma, grief, and loss, in a sensitive and nuanced way that doesn’t feel overly heavy-handed.

Overall, Midnight Exposure is an exceptional book that is sure to satisfy fans of the crime thriller genre. Leigh’s crisp and evocative writing, well-developed characters, and intriguing plot make for a thrilling and satisfying read.

We highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a well-written and entertaining mystery-thriller. Rating: 4.5/5