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Midnight Sun [2008 Draft] by Stephenie Meyer Review

Title: Midnight Sun [2008 Draft]

Author: Stephenie Meyer

First published August 28, 2008

264 pages, ebook

Rating: 4.01


Experience the beloved story of Twilight like never before in Midnight Sun [2008 Draft]. Delve into the mind of Edward Cullen as he navigates the complexities of falling in love with Bella Swan.

This highly anticipated retelling offers a fresh perspective on the timeless tale, revealing secrets and insights that will leave you breathless. Originally leaked online and put on hold indefinitely, author Stephenie Meyer has graciously allowed fans to legally access this unedited partial draft.

Don’t miss out on the chance to relive the magic of Twilight from a whole new angle with Midnight Sun [2008 Draft].

About the Author

The Twilight series, The Host, and The Chemist are some of the books authored by Stephenie Meyer. In 2005, Twilight was a highly discussed novel and quickly climbed up to the #5 spot on The New York Times bestseller list.

It received numerous awards and was recognized as an “ALA Top Ten Books for Young Adults,” an Amazon.com “Best Book of the Decade So Far,” and a Publishers Weekly Best Book of the Year.

Meyer holds a degree in English Literature from Brigham Young University and resides in Arizona with her spouse and three children.

Editoral Review

Stephenie Meyers Midnight Sun [2008 Draft] is a long-awaited retelling of the Twilight series from the perspective of the main vampire character, Edward Cullen. This novel not only provides a fresh take on the popular young adult supernatural romance genre but also gives readers deeper insight into the mind of a vampire.

Meyer’s writing style is immersive and lyrical, which adds a layer of depth to the already rich narrative. The novel’s themes of love, obsession, and sacrifice are explored through the self-centered perspective of Edward, whose eternal existence has isolated him from the very humanity he’s desperate to comprehend.

Meyer’s decision to tell this story from Edward’s point of view provides new revelations about his character while also fleshing out the personalities of the other main characters such as Bella, Alice, and Jasper. The book is set in Forks, Washington, where Edward falls in love with Bella Swan, a human.

The looming threat of the Volturi, a powerful vampire coven, adds another layer of tension to their forbidden romance. The pacing of the novel is slow, but it is in line with the contemplative nature of Edward’s character.

Midnight Sun’s main strength is its intricate character development, and Meyer does an excellent job of portraying the inner emotions and turmoil of both Bella and Edward. The writing evokes the bleakness of Edward’s existence as a monster who craves love yet fears it in equal measure.

The attention to detail and comprehensive exploration of the vampire world makes this book an immersive experience for fans of the Twilight series. However, Midnight Sun is not without its flaws.

Some sections of the novel feel repetitive, and the plot occasionally lacks tension. The story’s decision to focus on Edward’s perspective may alienate fans who expected to hear from Bella, the traditional protagonist.

Also, some readers may find the romanticism between Edward and Bella to be over the top. Overall, fans of the Twilight series will appreciate the fresh perspective that Meyer brings to this beloved YA saga.

Twilight fans will find plenty to love in this expanded version of the beloved story. However, those unfamiliar with the series may not find much to engage them in Midnight Sun.

It is an excellent addition to the series and well worth the read for fans of Meyer’s work. In conclusion, I would rate Midnight Sun [2008 Draft] an eight out of ten for its exceptional character development, emotional depth, and immersive storytelling.

It is recommended for fans of Meyer’s writing and the Twilight series.

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