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Midsummer Night by Deanna Raybourn Review

Title: Midsummer Night

Author: Deanna Raybourn

First published November 1, 2013

58 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 3.84


Lady Julia and Brisbane are getting married during the enchanting Midsummer in England. The couple is ecstatic, but with Julia’s eccentric family in the mix, things could easily go awry.

From the unpredictable village traditions to Julia’s sisters choosing the dress, anything is possible. But when a menacing enemy from the past crashes the wedding, the couple’s dream day takes a dangerous turn.

Will they be able to overcome this unexpected threat and make it to the altar alive? Join Lady Julia and Brisbane on their unforgettable and perilous Midsummer wedding adventure.

About the Author

Deanna Raybourn, a novelist who has made it to the New York Times and USA Today bestseller list, is a native Texan whose family has lived in the state for six generations. She graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio with a double major in English and history.

Currently residing in Virginia, she is married to her college sweetheart and has one child.

Deanna’s novels have been nominated for various awards, including the Agatha, two Dilys Winns, three du Mauriers, and most recently, the 2019 Edgar Award for Best Novel. Her Victorian mystery series, which began with “A Curious Beginning” in 2015, features the adventurous butterfly-hunter and amateur sleuth Veronica Speedwell.

Veronica has since returned in several more books, including the most recent release, “An Impossible Impostor,” which came out in early 2022.

Deanna’s first contemporary novel, “Killers of a Certain Age,” is set to be published in September 2022. It is a story about four female assassins who are on the brink of retirement.

Please note that Deanna is not active on GR.

Editoral Review

Midsummer Night by Deanna Raybourn is a gripping mystery novel set in the Victorian era. Raybourn is a renowned author of historical fiction, and Midsummer Night is one of her masterpieces.

The book was first published on November 1, 2013. The novel is set in England and centers around the city of London.

It is a murder mystery that explores the lives of two women from different social spheres. The main characters are Veronica Speedwell, a lepidopterist, and Lady Sundridge, a member of the aristocracy.

The two women are brought together by the murder of a local vicar, which draws them into a world of deception, intrigue, and danger. Raybourn’s writing style is the perfect blend of historical accuracy and modern sensibility.

The novel is written in elegant prose, which brings to life the Victorian era with its lush descriptions of the English countryside and richly drawn characters. Raybourn’s vivid writing style imbues the novel with a sense of atmosphere that is both enchanting and haunting.

The plot of the novel is well-constructed, with a satisfying mystery that keeps the reader hooked until the end. The pacing of the story is excellent, with just the right amount of tension and suspense interspersed with moments of levity and humor.

Raybourn creates a sense of unpredictability in the story that keeps you guessing until the final reveal. One of the strengths of the novel is its characters.

Raybourn skillfully develops the main characters, giving them depth, complexity, and distinct personalities. Veronica is a smart, independent, and fearless woman who challenges the norms of society.

Lady Sundridge is a woman of high status who is forced to navigate the complicated social conventions of Victorian England. The two women make a formidable team, and their relationship is the heart of the novel.

Despite its many strengths, Midsummer Nights themes of class, gender, and societal conventions are not always fully explored. While the novel touches on these themes, it does not delve deeply into them, and as a result, they aren’t as central to the story as one would like.

Overall, Midsummer Night by Deanna Raybourn is a beautifully written and engaging novel that will satisfy all mystery lovers. With its intriguing characters, well-crafted plot, and elegant prose, Midsummer Night is a must-read for anyone who loves historical fiction.

We recommend this book to readers who enjoy the works of Agatha Christie or Wilkie Collins. We give this book a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.