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Mortal Ties by Eileen Wilks Review

Title: Mortal Ties

Author: Eileen Wilks

First published October 2, 2012

386 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9780425254929 (ISBN10: 0425254925)

Rating: 4.26


Eileen Wilks has once again created a thrilling Lupi adventure with Mortal Ties. FBI agent Lily Yu and her fiancĂ©, lupi Rule Turner, are faced with their biggest challenge yet when an intruder steals a magical device from their clan’s territory.

The prototype is unstable and can discharge a dangerous form of magic. Lily and Rule must find the thief and the traitor in their midst before it’s too late.

But things take a shocking turn when the thief’s true identity is revealed, sending Rule’s world into chaos. As they race against time, they discover the footprints of Robert Friar, a killer and acolyte of the Old One they are at war with.

With the stakes higher than ever, will Lily and Rule be able to recover the prototype and stop Friar before it’s too late? Find out in this heart-pounding Lupi adventure.

About the Author

In 1996, Eileen Wilks published her first book, a Silhouette Desire. It was a hit and landed on the USA Today Bestseller List.

The book was also nominated for Romantic Times’ Best First Short Contemporary award. Since then, Eileen has written thirty-two books and contributed novellas to nine anthologies.

Her books have consistently appeared on national bestseller lists. Romantic Times has recognized her work several times, including a nomination for Career Achievement in Series Romantic Suspense and being a finalist for the prestigious Rita Awards three times.

Eileen’s World of the Lupi series has garnered a growing audience. Initially sold in the Romance section of bookstores, copies can now be found cross-shelved under Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

Eileen has lived in Midland, TX, for over 30 years, having spent a few years there as a teenager and then returning as an adult. Writing has been a passion of hers for over ten years.

She fell in love with romance novels after reading a friend’s work in her critique group. Eileen had not read a romance since the early 80s but discovered that the genre had grown up and expanded to include a range of sub-genres, including historicals, paranormals, contemporaries, romantic suspense, romantic comedy, inspirational, and sizzling.

Prior to settling in Midland, Eileen lived in Canada and Venezuela, as well as twelve cities across five states in the US.

Editoral Review

Mortal Ties by Eileen Wilks is a thrilling addition to the urban fantasy genre, expertly written with depth and complexity. Eileen Wilks is a prolific author, known for her World of the Lupi series, and Mortal Ties is the ninth installment in that series.

For those unfamiliar with the Lupi universe, it centers on a group of shapeshifters who are responsible for protecting both the human and supernatural communities. The novel takes place in San Diego and introduces several new characters in addition to the well-established cast.

The main character, Lily Yu, finds herself embroiled in a dangerous situation when a new drug that affects the supernatural community is introduced. The drug induces hallucinations that can be fatal, causing a rift between the non-human and human communities.

Wilks expertly weaves together elements of mystery, romance, and action to create a page-turning read. The pacing is well-done, with the tension building slowly but steadily throughout the novel, and the conflicts are complex, with multiple layers and nuances.

The writing is excellent, with characters that are well-rounded and fully realized, and Wilks manages to balance the supernatural elements with everyday human drama. One of the strengths of Mortal Ties is the way it addresses issues of otherness and the struggle for acceptance in society.

It touches on themes of racism, homophobia, and identity, which resonate with current events and lend a level of depth and complexity to the novel. The supernatural characters face ostracism from both the human and supernatural communities, highlighting the struggle for acceptance and the need for open-mindedness and tolerance.

The only possible critique of the novel is that it might be overwhelming for readers who are not already familiar with the Lupi universe. The novel contains many rich details and references to previous events, which might make it challenging for new readers to follow along.

However, for fans of the series, this is a definite positive, as it adds to the overall depth and complexity of the Lupi world. Overall, Mortal Ties is a fantastic addition to the World of the Lupi series, with excellent writing, intriguing characters, and an exciting plot.

Fans of urban fantasy will find themselves completely engrossed in Wilks’ world, and those who enjoy a well-written and thought-provoking novel will appreciate the themes and depth of the story. We highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a thrilling and engaging read.

Washington Post gives Mortal Ties a score of four out of five.