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My Fiancé’s Brother: Part 1 by Odette Stone Review

Title: My Fiancé’s Brother: Part 1

Author: Odette Stone

First published May 6, 2017

220 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 4.18


When Jackson came to live with us, I knew he was off limits. He was my fiancé’s brother, after all.

But there was something about him that drew me in, something that made my heart race every time he was around. I tried to ignore it, to convince myself that it was just a passing attraction.

But the more I got to know Jackson, the harder it became to resist him. Despite my best efforts to keep my feelings hidden, I knew that I was in trouble.

I was engaged to be married, but my heart belonged to someone else. Would I be able to keep my secret safe, or would my feelings for Jackson destroy everything I had worked so hard to build?

Find out in My Fiancé’s Brother: Part 1.

About the Author

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Odette is an Amazon best-selling author, ranking in the top 50 of all Amazon Authors and in the top 20 for her bestseller. She’s passionate about writing contemporary, new adult, and sports romance books.

Currently residing in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, she enjoys coffee, walks on the beach (yes, really), indulging in a good book, and watching TV dramas. She’s also a proud mom to her adorable fur baby puppy, Mica.

Her friends describe her as introverted, funny, and an excellent listener. They even call her “the vault” because she’s great at keeping secrets.

Although she dislikes being the center of attention, she’ll encourage you to take the stage.

Odette’s writing style is real, honest, and intense. Her books are perfect for those who enjoy reading about hot, intelligent Alpha males.

Her goal is to keep readers up late at night, with them saying, “Just one more chapter, I’m just going to read one more chapter.”

Editoral Review

My Fianc’s Brother: Part 1 by Odette Stone takes the reader on an emotional journey of love, lust, and betrayal. Stone is a well-known author in the romance genre and this book, originally published on May 6, 2017, is a testament to her skill and expertise in the field.

The book follows the story of Emma, who is engaged to the love of her life, David. However, when David’s brother, Ethan, comes back to town after years of being away, Emma finds herself inexplicably drawn to him.

As their relationship develops and secrets are revealed, Emma is left to choose between the two brothers and the life she thought she wanted. Stone does an excellent job of creating well-rounded characters that the reader can empathize with.

Emma is relatable and her struggles feel authentic. David is sweet and caring, while Ethan is charming but dangerous.

The setting is also skillfully crafted, with the small town of Pine Ridge coming to life through Stone’s descriptions. The pacing of the book is well done, with the tension building slowly as the story progresses.

The twists and turns keep the reader engaged, and the cliffhanger ending leaves the reader eager for more. One potential criticism of the book is the lack of originality in the plot.

The love triangle trope has been used countless times in romance novels, and some readers may find the story predictable. However, Stone’s excellent writing and character development make up for any perceived lack of originality.

Overall, My Fianc’s Brother: Part 1 is a well-written and engaging romance novel that will leave readers wanting more. Fans of the genre will enjoy Stone’s skillful storytelling and emotional depth.

The book is recommended for mature audiences due to its sexual content. Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.