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My Husband’s Sweethearts by Bridget Asher Review

Title: My Husband’s Sweethearts

Author: Bridget Asher

First published January 1, 2008

271 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 9780385341899 (ISBN10: 038534189X)

Rating: 3.33


When Lucy’s husband died, she found solace in his little black book. Artie’s sweethearts were there for the good times, so why shouldn’t they be there for the bad times too?

In Bridget Asher’s touching and humorous novel, Lucy invites each of the women from Artie’s black book for one last visit, not expecting a single one to show up. But to her surprise, they do.

One by one, the women arrive, each with their own story to tell about Artie. And among them is a young man who may or may not be Artie’s long-lost son.

As Lucy navigates the parade of women, she learns more about the man she loved and can’t forgive, but also discovers the true meaning of family and forgiveness. My Husband’s Sweethearts is a heartwarming tale about the complicated relationships between mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, and the bond between women.

About the Author

Julianna Baggott, who also writes under the pen names Bridget Asher and N.E. Bode, was born on September 30th, 1969. She is a professor at Florida State University and is married to David G.W. Scott.

Together, they founded the nonprofit organization Kids in Need – Books in Deed, which provides free books to underprivileged children in Florida.

As a critically acclaimed and bestselling author, Baggott has written numerous novels and poetry collections that have been translated into over fifty languages. Her work has been featured in prominent publications such as The New York Times, Washington Post, and Boston Globe, as well as in Best American Poetry, Best Creative Nonfiction, NPR’s Talk of the Nation, All Things Considered, and Here & Now.

Additionally, her alter-ego, N.E. Bode, was a regular on XM Radio for two years.

Baggott’s work has received numerous accolades, including being chosen as a People Magazine pick alongside David Sedaris and Bill Clinton. Her books have also been selected as a Washington Post Book of the Week, a Girl’s Life Top Ten, a Booksense pick, and a Starbucks Bookish Reading Club selection.

Editoral Review

My Husbands Sweethearts by Bridget Asher is an enjoyable read for anyone looking for a lighthearted romance. First published on January 1, 2008, Bridget Asher’s book falls in the contemporary romance genre.

The story sets off by introducing Lucy Shoreman, a devoted wife to her husband, Thomas. However, she later learns her husband had an affair with another woman before he married her.

Curious to know about her husbands past, Lucy sets out to find her husbands former lovers, also known as his sweethearts. As Lucy learns more about her husband’s past, the story delves into the lives of his former lovers, each with a unique personality, and it explores their experiences with love and heartbreak.

Asher skillfully brings to life each of the characters, making their stories come alive with vivid descriptions and captivating storytelling. Throughout the book, Lucy struggles with her husband’s past, trying to reconcile it with her relationship with him.

Asher does an exceptional job of exploring the theme of trust and forgiveness, which is prevalent throughout the book, making it a thought-provoking read. Though not steeped in historical or cultural significance, the book is culturally relevant in that it speaks to the same yearning that continues to plague marriages today.

Ashers book is an engaging story that speaks to the nuances of marriage, providing a peek into what might have led up to the marriage. However, the book has a few lapses.

While the title of the book reads “My Husband’s Sweethearts,” the author does not provide much on the story of the sweethearts themselves. The focus is on Lucy and her exploration of her husbands past rather than the sweethearts themselves.

Overall, Bridget Asher’s My Husband’s Sweethearts is a delightful book perfect for readers looking for a good romance novel. The author’s writing style is engaging, and it has well-developed characters that will keep readers interested.

For this reason, I highly recommend it to anyone who loves romantic fiction.

Rating: 3.5/5