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Mystic City by Theo Lawrence Review

Title: Mystic City

Author: Theo Lawrence

First published October 9, 2012

397 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 9780385741606 (ISBN10: 038574160X)

Rating: 3.73


In the mystical city of New York, two rival families have been at war for generations. Aria Rose, the youngest daughter of one of the ruling families, is forced into a political marriage with Thomas Foster, the son of her family’s sworn enemy.

Their union is meant to bridge the gap between the privileged upper class and the mystics who live in the Depths below. However, Aria wakes up one day with gaps in her memory and no recollection of falling in love with Thomas.

As she tries to uncover the truth behind her forced marriage, Aria meets Hunter, a handsome rebel from the Depths. With Hunter’s help, Aria slowly unravels the secrets of her past and realizes that her choices will determine the fate of the city and herself.

Fans of Matched, The Hunger Games, X-Men, and Blade Runner will be swept away by this thrilling tale of political rebellion and forbidden love. Mystic City is the first book in the Mystic City Novels series.

About the Author

Theo Lawrence, an alumnus of both Columbia University and the Juilliard School, is a talented vocalist who was awarded the honor of being a Presidential Scholar in the Arts. He has showcased his skills at renowned venues such as Carnegie Hall, the Kennedy Center, and Off-Broadway.

Editoral Review

Theo Lawrence’s Mystic City is a YA dystopian novel that combines political intrigue and forbidden romance. Published on October 9, 2012, Lawrence’s debut novel has been compared to popular works in the same genre such as The Hunger Games and Divergent.

In Mystic City, Manhattan is submerged in a tragic flood caused by climate change. In this new world, two factions are fighting for power: the ruling elite who possess magical abilities, and the non-magical commoners who work as servants.

The main character, Aria Rose, belongs to the elite group and is set to marry Thomas Foster – the son of her family’s political allies. However, her life takes a dramatic turn when she realizes that her memories have been erased to prevent her from being aware of her past relationship with Hunter – a commoner with no magical abilities.

The forbidden love of Aria and Hunter takes center stage as they risk everything to uncover the truth about their past. Lawrence’s writing style is captivating and descriptive, providing readers with a vivid and detailed picture of the characters and their surroundings.

The pace of the novel is well-balanced, keeping readers engaged without overwhelming them with too much information. The themes of Mystic City are relevant to current social and political issues, making the book an interesting reflection of our society’s struggles with inequality and oppression.

However, the character development in Mystic City can be inconsistent. Some characters are well-developed, with personalities and motivations that feel realistic and relatable.

Others, by contrast, feel underdeveloped and lack depth. Additionally, the world-building could have been stronger – the story’s backdrop is not fully fleshed out and leaves readers with unanswered questions about the world’s magic system and society.

Despite these weaknesses, Mystic City is an enjoyable and gripping read for YA dystopian fans. The forbidden romance plotline is particularly compelling, and Lawrence does an excellent job of keeping the tension high throughout.

The book is a recommended read for fans of the genre, especially younger readers, who will appreciate the themes of equality and empowerment present in the story. Overall, Mystic City deserves a rating of 3.5 out of 5 stars.

While the book has some flaws, the writing style and plot make it a worthwhile read for fans of YA dystopian fiction.