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Nauti Nights by Lora Leigh Review

Title: Nauti Nights

Author: Lora Leigh

First published November 1, 2007

344 pages, ebook

ISBN: 9781429566681 (ISBN10: 142956668X)

Rating: 4.2


Lora Leigh is back with the second installment in the Mackay Cousins trilogy, Nauti Nights. This time, it’s all about Dawg Mackay, a marine from Kentucky who’s willing to go to any lengths to win the heart of the woman he desires, Crista.

After years of chasing her and facing rejection, Dawg finally has a plan to make Crista his for good. But Crista is no longer running from him; she wants Dawg just as much as he wants her.

Get ready for a steamy romance that’s both low-down and completely hot. As Angela Knight says, “When you’re in the mood for steamy romance, you read Lora Leigh.”

About the Author

Lora Leigh resides in the serene and picturesque rolling hills of Kentucky. She finds solace in the tranquil atmosphere and often immerses herself in it.

Her mind is a canvas of bright and vivid images of characters that constantly invade her writing life. She struggles to capture their essence and preserve them in her computer’s hard drive before they vanish as swiftly as they appeared.

Despite the occasional discord, Lora manages to balance her family and writing life, coexisting in relative harmony. She is surrounded by a variety of pets, cherished friends, and a teenage son who keeps her on her toes with his wit.

Lora is grateful for her fans, whose unwavering support and affection serve as a constant reminder of why she writes and fills her life with happiness.

Editoral Review

Nauti Nights by Lora Leigh is a steamy, erotic romance novel that will have readers hooked from the very beginning. First published in November 2007, this novel is a part of the Nauti Boys series, written by the bestselling author, Lora Leigh.

Known for her sensual and dynamic writing style, Lora Leigh delivers yet another masterpiece with Nauti Nights. The book is set in a small town on the coast of Kentucky and follows the life of one of the Nauti Boys, Dawg Mackay.

He is a marine, returns to his hometown after years of being away, only to find that his first love, Christa, has returned as well. However, the two are not quite ready to have a reunion, as Christa is keeping a secret from Dawg that she has spent years trying to hide.

Leigh’s writing style is powerful and it resonates throughout the book. Her strong descriptions and vivid imagery make the story come alive and readers can feel the tension between the characters.

The book is exceptionally well-written, with the dialogue flowing naturally, and the pacing perfect to keep readers engaged. The author masterfully develops the characters of Dawg and Christa throughout the novel, allowing readers to build a deep connection with them.

The character’s histories and motivations are excellently portrayed, and readers get to learn more about them as the story unfolds. The writing is sensual and steamy, but always done tastefully.

Leigh has a unique voice that is not only compelling, but her writing also offers readers an insight into the complex web of emotions that exist in the human experience. One of the strengths of the book is that it is incredibly well-crafted with attention to detail accompanied by a perfect blend of suspense, romance, and action.

Nauti Nights tackles relevant and contemporary themes regarding love, relationships, and family bonds. It also offers an insightful critique of societal norms and values that often hold people back from being their true selves.

Overall, Nauti Nights is a thrilling, page-turner of a read, and fans of erotic romance novels will not be disappointed. Leigh has managed to craft an engaging and captivating story that is well-written with good pacing, character development, and plot structure.

The book’s well-executed storyline and themes make it a must-read for lovers of the genre. While it isn’t without flaws, the book brims with the author’s undeniable talent, and demonstrates why Lora Leigh is a force to be reckoned with in this genre.

As such, it comes with a high recommendation to readers who fancy steamy romances that address relevant themes. The Washington Post gives Nauti Nights a rating of 4 out of 5, based on the well-crafted story, excellent character development, and a seamless blend of contemporary themes.