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Nightblood by Elly Blake Review

Title: Nightblood

Author: Elly Blake

First published August 21, 2018

440 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 9780316273343 (ISBN10: 0316273341)

Rating: 4.06


The thrilling sequel to the New York Times bestselling trilogy that kept you on the edge of your seat with Infected and Contagious is here. The alien intelligence that once caused widespread destruction has been obliterated, but not before it sent out one final, lethal gift to humanity.

A small canister containing a deadly virus that was designed to bring about an entirely new kind of destruction has been sitting undisturbed, thousands of feet under the ocean, until now. When the virus is unleashed, it quickly spreads, infecting millions of people across the globe.

Entire nations are on the brink of collapse, and only a small group of unlikely heroes can save humanity. Time is running out as they race to find a cure before the enemy can shut them down.

Get ready for an action-packed adventure that will leave you breathless in Pandemic by Scott Sigler.

About the Author

Elly Blake, author of the bestselling Frostblood Saga, is a lover of fairy tales, owls, and old houses. Her journey to becoming a writer was not a straight path, as she held a variety of jobs including project manager, customs clerk, graphic designer, reporter, and library assistant.

She earned a BA in English literature before pursuing her passion for writing. Elly currently resides in Southwestern Ontario with her family and a Siberian Husky mix who embodies the Frostblood spirit.

Editoral Review

Elly Blake’s Nightblood is a captivating addition to the young adult fantasy genre that certainly has the potential to become a fan favorite. Published on August 21, 2018, Nightblood is the final book in the Frostblood Saga.

Blake has established herself as a masterful writer of fantasy, creating a magical world full of compelling characters that come to life on the page. Nightblood is no exception, as it picks up where the previous book left off, following the story of Ruby, a young fireblood warrior, as she fights to save her country from the evil Frost King.

The novel is set in a world where firebloods and frostbloods are at war, and Blake does an exceptional job building a world filled with history, magic, and unique creatures. The author’s writing style is vivid, clear, and effortless, which helps create a sensory experience for readers.

The setting is a mix of fantastical and medieval themes, but with a fresh and modern twist to them. Blake’s gift for storytelling is evident in the way she expertly blends action, romance, and magic.

As much as this book is about Ruby’s mission to vanquish the Frost King and to gain control of her abilities, it also delves into characters development, particularly with regard to Ruby and Arcus. The two main characters are well-crafted and believable, drawing the reader’s empathy for their predicament, past experiences, and their growth.

The side characters are similarly well developed. The plot of the book is intense, with the pacing expertly timed, and the action scenes are particularly strong.

There are also unexpected plot twists that will keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very end. Blake’s use of the fire and ice elements to create magic is creative, and there is a refreshing exploration of themes such as loyalty, sacrifice, redemption, and identity.

The narrative particularly inspects the potentially blurry line between justifiable vengeance and revenge. In terms of criticisms, there are few to find.

At times, readers may feel that the magic system could be further explored, as well as the cultural customs of the different groups. Additionally, some plot points may seem slightly rushed, but these issues in no way detract from the overall quality of the book.

In conclusion, Nightblood is an excellent read, which is perfect for young adult fantasy fans. Blake offers a magical world that is well-developed, filled with interesting characters and with an absorbing plot.

The book has great value in exploring themes that resonate with today’s audiences. It is a remarkable end to a trilogy that offers an impressive and satisfying conclusion.

I recommend Nightblood unreservedly to readers who want an exciting and real escape into the pages of a fascinating new world. Nightblood deserves a strong Four out of Five.