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Not Even Bones by Rebecca Schaeffer Review

Title: Not Even Bones

Author: Rebecca Schaeffer

First published September 4, 2018

368 pages, ebook

ISBN: 9781328863591 (ISBN10: 132886359X)

Rating: 4.16


If you’re a fan of dark fantasies such as Dexter and This Savage Song, then you will love Not Even Bones. Nita’s mother runs a business selling magical body parts on the black market, and Nita helps by dissecting the bodies.

However, when Nita’s mother brings home a living specimen, Nita realizes that she can’t dissect living beings. She tries to save the victim but is sold on the black market in his place because Nita herself is a supernatural being.

Nita finds herself imprisoned with no hope of escape until she discovers her supernatural abilities. Now, Nita is on a mission to escape and take revenge on those who sold her.

She will do whatever it takes to get her life back, even if it means crossing lines she never thought she would cross. Not Even Bones is a thrilling and suspenseful story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Editoral Review

Not Even Bones by Rebecca Schaeffer is a thrilling young adult novel that explores the darker side of humanity. Published on September 4, 2018, this debut novel showcases Schaeffer’s talent for crafting unique and captivating stories that leave readers on the edge of their seats.

Set in a world where humans and supernatural beings exist together, the story follows seventeen-year-old Nita, a girl who dissects supernatural creatures and sells their body parts on the black market to make ends meet. However, when Nita is captured and imprisoned by a group of zealous hunters, she must use her skills and cunning to try and escape before they ultimately decide to kill her.

Schaeffer’s writing style is precise and deliberate, creating a sense of suspense and intrigue that keeps readers invested throughout the entire novel. The author tackles complex themes of morality, violence, and survival, and she does so in a manner that is both thought-provoking and nuanced.

Nita, the main character, is a well-developed and fascinating protagonist whose survival instincts and resourcefulness make her captivating to follow. Schaeffer also does an excellent job of creating a rich and detailed world, providing depth and texture to the story’s settings and characters.

One of the novel’s major strengths is its ability to subvert traditional young adult tropes, instead opting for a darker and more sinister tone. While other YA novels often shy away from violence, Schaeffer embraces it, crafting a tale that is both gritty and unflinching.

However, the novel does have a few flaws. The pacing can be slow at times, and some may find that the story drags on a bit too long.

Additionally, some readers may take issue with the excessive violence and gore present in the novel. Overall, Not Even Bones is a haunting and captivating novel that showcases Rebecca Schaeffer’s remarkable talent for storytelling.

With complex characters and intricate world-building, this novel is sure to appeal to fans of darker Young Adult fiction such as the Hunger Games or Throne of Glass series. The novel’s themes of survival and morality are timely and relevant, making it a must-read for those interested in exploring the darker side of humanity.

4/5 stars.