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Oh, Henry by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff Review

Title: Oh, Henry

Author: Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

First published August 25, 2017

274 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9781943983223 (ISBN10: 1943983224)

Rating: 3.96


In the quaint town of Havenwood Falls, love is in the air. When two souls meet, they quickly realize that they have found their perfect match.

With every moment spent together, their bond grows stronger. But as the summer draws to a close, they are faced with the harsh reality of life beyond the town’s borders.

Will their love withstand the trials and tribulations of the real world, or will it crumble under the weight of their responsibilities? Find out in My Kind of Love by Nikki Ash.

About the Author

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is a bestselling author known for her mind-bending plot twists that will keep you hooked to the very end. She writes stories in the genres of Romance, Suspense/Thriller, and Fantasy, each with strong heroes, resourceful heroines, and plenty of action and excitement.

Mimi is focused on writing and engaging with her amazing fans, which is why she doesn’t monitor this site. If you want to stay up-to-date on her latest news and get some awesome freebies, be sure to visit her Facebook fan page or website and sign up for her newsletter.

When she’s not writing, Mimi lives in Arizona with her husband and their two boys, who she calls pirates-in-training. They also have three tiny dogs with big attitudes named Snowy, Mini, and Mack.

Despite living in a vampire-unfriendly state, they manage to keep things interesting.

Editoral Review

Oh, Henry by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is a delightful romantic comedy that will leave readers laughing out loud. Mimi Jean Pamfiloff is a popular author of romantic comedies, and Oh, Henry is no exception.

The book was first published on August 25, 2017. The book revolves around Henry Walton, an accomplished businessman who is used to getting everything he wants.

When he meets his new assistant, a sassy and sarcastic young woman named Abigail, he is immediately smitten. However, Abigail seems to be immune to his charms and intent on keeping a professional distance.

While Henry is used to getting his way in business, he quickly realizes that getting Abigail to notice him is going to be a lot harder than he thought. The novel is set in modern-day New York City, and Pamfiloff does an excellent job of capturing the city’s energy and bustle.

The book’s conflicts center around Henry’s attempts to win Abigail’s heart, but there are also some business complications that arise as they work together. There are plenty of hijinks, misunderstandings, and witty banter that keep the story fresh and entertaining.

What sets Oh, Henry apart from other romantic comedies is its sharp and witty writing. Pamfiloff has a talent for crafting clever and engaging dialogue that pulls readers in from the very first page.

The characters are well-developed and likable, especially Abigail, who is a refreshing change from the usual romantic comedy heroines. She is smart, independent, and quick-witted, making her the perfect foil for Henry’s overbearing personality.

While Oh, Henry is not a groundbreaking novel, it is a well-written and entertaining romantic comedy that is sure to leave readers with a smile on their face. The book is a light and easy read, perfect for a lazy afternoon or a long commute.

Its themes of love, ambition, and finding happiness in unexpected places are universal and relatable.

Overall, Oh, Henry is an enjoyable and well-written romantic comedy that is sure to delight fans of the genre.

Its witty writing, well-developed characters, and charming storyline make it a great addition to any reader’s bookshelf. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a lighthearted and entertaining read.

I give Oh, Henry four out of five stars.