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Once Broken Faith by Seanan McGuire Review

Title: Once Broken Faith

Author: Seanan McGuire

First published September 1, 2016

420 pages, Mass Market Paperback

ISBN: 9780756408107 (ISBN10: 0756408105)

Rating: 4.36


When Toby Daye traveled to the Kingdom of Silences to prevent war, she never anticipated the political chaos that would follow. With a cure for an ancient curse and a set of new political problems, Toby is ordered to appear before a gathering of monarchs overseen by the High King and Queen.

But when a dead body is discovered, Toby becomes the prime suspect. Trapped with the doors locked, Toby must work fast to uncover the killer before they strike again.

As danger looms over her loved ones and allies, Toby must race against time to restore balance to Faerie and prevent the destabilization of the West Coast. Will she succeed, or will the cure for elf-shot be lost forever?

Editoral Review

Once Broken Faith, written by Seanan McGuire, is a thrilling addition to the urban fantasy genre. Published in September 2016, the book is the tenth installment in the Toby Daye series, and it depicts a world where faeries are living among humans in San Francisco.

McGuire is a Hugo, Nebula, and Locus award-winning author who has an exceptional talent for creating intricate and vivid fictional worlds. The story revolves around Toby Daye, a changeling PI and a knight of the faerie kingdom.

A faerie has been murdered, which leads to a rise in tensions between the kingdoms. Toby is called upon by the Queen of the Mists to investigate the murder, but the deeper she delves into the case, the more dangerous it becomes.

Toby must navigate through a web of political intrigue and betrayal to uncover the truth before its too late. McGuires writing style is compelling and immersive, allowing readers to become fully invested in the story.

She masterfully weaves tension and excitement into the narrative, creating a suspenseful and engaging read. The character development is also exceptional, with Toby Daye being a strong and complex protagonist who is not afraid to make tough decisions.

One of the strengths of Once Broken Faith lies in its world-building. McGuires long-standing experience with the faerie genre is evident, and she has created a believable and fascinating fictional world.

The faerie kingdoms are richly described, and the politics and power dynamics between them are intriguing. However, the book does have some minor flaws.

The pacing can be slow at times, and some of the secondary characters are not as well-developed as Toby. Nonetheless, these minor criticisms do not detract from the overall quality of the book.

Once Broken Faith is a fantastic addition to the Toby Daye series, and I would highly recommend it to readers who enjoy urban fantasy. Seanan McGuires skillful storytelling and compelling world-building make this an entertaining and exciting read.

The book is suitable for both new readers to the genre and long-standing fans of urban fantasy. Overall, Once Broken Faith earns a solid rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.