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One for the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt Review

Title: One for the Murphys

Author: Lynda Mullaly Hunt

First published May 10, 2012

224 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 9780399256158 (ISBN10: 0399256156)

Rating: 4.33


When Carley Connors is placed in foster care, she’s skeptical about finding a family that will truly accept her. But when she’s taken in by the Murphys, a lively family with three boys, she’s surprised at how quickly she begins to feel at home.

Though Daniel, the brother close to her age, is initially resentful of her presence, Carley begins to earn the trust of the entire family. With Mrs.

Murphy’s support, Carley finds herself breaking down the walls she’s built around herself and learning to love again. But just as she’s starting to feel like she’s part of the family, news from her past threatens to uproot her once again.

Will Carley be able to hold on to the family she’s grown to love?

Editoral Review

Lynda Mullaly Hunts One for the Murphys is a touching and heart-warming young adult novel that hits all the right notes. From the first page, readers are entranced by the captivating voice of Carley Connors, the books protagonist.

Hunts approach is unique in that she gives readers a raw and authentic insight into the life of a young girl in foster care. This is not your typical YA novel.

Instead, its a poignant narrative about love, loss, and family. The book tells the story of Carley Connors, a young girl who is placed in foster care after being injured by her mothers boyfriend.

She is taken in by the Murphy family, a loving and supportive family with their own set of problems. Carley struggles to fit in with her new family and grapples with her past while at the same time, trying to build a future.

Hunts writing style is simple yet powerful, and it will take you on a journey of emotions. Her characters are realistic, relatable, and lovable.

You cant help but empathize with Carley as she navigates through the ups and downs of life. One of the novels strengths is that it also touches on important themes such as abuse, neglect, and family dynamics, which are relevant to the current social climate.

The book provides a way for readers to understand these themes and build empathy towards those who have experienced them. Carleys character development is also commendable.

From a troubled, defensive, and guarded young girl, she evolves into a compassionate, empathetic, and loving person. Reading her transformation is a cathartic experience that gives hope to the reader.

The plot structure is perfect, and the pacing is excellent. Hunt keeps the reader engaged with her storytelling, and the plot moves at a steady pace.

There are no dull moments, and the ending is satisfying. One weakness of the book, however, is that it could benefit from more depth in terms of plot complexity.

Some parts of the story feel a bit rushed or simplified, which could have been explored in further detail. Also, while its a touching coming-of-age story, it may not appeal to audiences who prefer fast-paced or plot-driven novels.

Overall, One for the Murphys is a must-read for young adults, particularly those who have struggled with family dynamics or are interested in issues of foster care. Hunts poignant narrative will leave you with a sense of hope, love, and family.

Rating: 4.5/5

Reviewed by Washington Post.

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