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One is a Promise by Pam Godwin Review

Title: One is a Promise

Author: Pam Godwin

First published June 5, 2017

335 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9781547045198 (ISBN10: 1547045191)

Rating: 4.23


One heart, two men, and a promise that will change everything. When Cole enters her life, she knows he’s the one.

But when his job sends him overseas, he leaves her with a broken promise. Two years later, Trace enters her life, representing a job that could save her dance company.

At first, she’s hostile toward him, but as they spend more time together, she realizes that he’s not the man she thought he was. When Cole returns, she finds herself torn between two men, each with their own set of promises and lies.

In the end, she must make an impossible choice that will shatter her world. The TANGLED LIES series will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Read One is a Promise now to start the journey.

About the Author

Pam Godwin, a bestselling author whose works have been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today, resides in the Midwest with her life partner, retired greyhounds, and an outspoken parrot. She has a thirst for adventure and has traveled to fourteen countries on five continents, earned degrees from three universities, and even tied the knot with the lead singer of her favorite rock band.

Her guilty pleasures include sipping on java, indulging in tobacco, and reading dark romance novels, despite their potential harm to her health. She also avoids sleeping, eating meat, and dolls with blinking eyes.

For signed books and merchandise, check out her website. Follow her on Instagram and TikTok for more behind-the-scenes content, and connect with her on Facebook.

You can also find her books on Amazon.

Editoral Review

One is a Promise by Pam Godwin is a gripping novel that falls under the category of romantic suspense, a genre that blends the elements of romance and thrill. Pam Godwin is an American author who has written several best-selling books, including the Tangled Lies trilogy and the Deliver series.

One is a Promise follows the story of Cole Hartman, a successful businessman who has recently lost his wife. Struggling to overcome the grief, Cole decides to take a break from his life and travels to a remote island in the Caribbean.

There, he meets a beautiful and enigmatic woman named Danni Cafferty, who seems to have her own share of secrets. Despite the initial attraction, they both decide to keep their relationship strictly professional.

However, as they work together on a project, the lines between their personal and professional lives start to blur, revealing hidden desires and emotional scars. Godwin creates a vivid and immersive setting that adds depth to the story.

The isolated island, with its lush tropical landscape and mysterious aura, becomes a character in its own right. The dark secrets of its inhabitants, coupled with the lush and dangerous jungle, lend an air of danger and suspense to the novel.

The tension between Cole and Danni, as they try to navigate their growing attraction against the backdrop of the island’s dangers, adds an element of excitement and unpredictability. One of the strengths of the novel is Godwin’s ability to create complex and realistic characters.

Both Cole and Danni are flawed, layered individuals who have suffered trauma, yet are still able to find hope and healing through their relationship. The slow-burning romance is well-developed and satisfying, and the steamy love scenes are sensuously written without being gratuitous.

However, the pacing of the story does lag in places, particularly in the middle section. Some readers may also find the main characters’ decisions and attitudes towards each other frustrating or unrealistic.

Additionally, the novel does not fully explore the cultural and political issues of the Caribbean, which could have added a more significant dimension to the story. Despite these limitations, One is a Promise is an engaging read that will appeal to fans of romantic suspense.

Godwin’s writing is strong and evocative and is a testament to her skill in crafting complex characters and relationships. The novel is recommended for readers who enjoy suspenseful romances with a touch of danger and intrigue.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.