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Precarious by Bella Jewel Review

Title: Precarious

Author: Bella Jewel

First published August 2, 2014

228 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 4.07


Beneath the shadows of danger, I found love. And it came in the form of Beau.

As a prison guard, Ash is used to living a life of discipline and order. But everything changes when Beau ‘Krypt’ Dawson is brought in – a dangerous member of the feared motorcycle gang, Jokers’ Wrath MC.

Known for his cold-blooded killings, Krypt is everything that Ash has trained to handle, but there’s something about him that draws her in.

As she uncovers secrets hidden by the club, Ash finds herself in the middle of a power struggle. Krypt is her only ally, but when the club takes them both hostage, she realizes that she’s in way over her head.

Fighting to survive, Ash and Krypt are thrown together in a dangerous game, with nothing but each other to rely on.

As they journey through the treacherous mountains, Ash and Krypt’s bond grows stronger, and she realizes that there’s more to him than

About the Author

Hi there! I’m Bella, a fresh Aussie writer who’s always up for a good time. I love to play around and enjoy meeting new people, so don’t hesitate to come say hello!

Editoral Review

Precarious by Bella Jewel is a romance novel that was first published on August 2, 2014. As with most romance novels, Precarious follows a formulaic structure, but Jewel manages to make the book feel fresh and compelling by introducing well-crafted characters and a strong sense of place.

The novel is set in a small town in Arizona and tells the story of Holly and Nash, two people who have trouble making a connection due to their past traumas. Jewel is a skilled writer who has published more than 30 books in various genres.

Precarious is one of her most popular romance novels, and it’s easy to see why. Jewel has a talent for creating characters that feel real and three-dimensional.

Holly and Nash are flawed and vulnerable, but they’re also deeply likable. Throughout the book, Jewel slowly reveals the traumas that have shaped their lives, and it’s impossible not to root for them to overcome their past and find happiness.

While the setting of Precarious is relatively mundane (a small town in Arizona), Jewel does an excellent job of bringing the town to life. From the dusty streets to the local diner, Jewel’s descriptions of the environment are vivid and immersive.

The small-town setting is also an effective backdrop for the story of Holly and Nash, as their relationship is scrutinized and judged by their community. At its core, Precarious is a story about healing from past trauma and finding connection with others.

Jewel’s handling of these themes is sensitive and nuanced. She doesn’t shy away from the difficulties of healing from trauma, but she also offers a sense of hope and possibility.

Additionally, the novel tackles issues of displacement and the search for identity, making it a poignant read for those interested in these topics. While Precarious is an engaging and well-written novel, it does have some flaws.

The pacing of the book is occasionally slow, and the conflicts that arise between the characters feel somewhat contrived. Additionally, some readers may find the occasional use of violent imagery to be off-putting.

Overall, Precarious is an enjoyable and well-crafted romance novel that will appeal to fans of the genre. Its themes of healing and connection make it a worthwhile read for anyone interested in exploring these topics.

While it has its flaws, Jewel’s skillful writing and lovable characters make Precarious a standout in the romance genre. For these reasons, I would give Precarious an 8/10 rating.