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Pretty When She Cries by A. Zavarelli Review

Title: Pretty When She Cries

Author: A. Zavarelli

First published October 23, 2020

290 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 4.07


ASBO, a novel by Iain Rob Wright, follows the story of Andrew, a man whose life is characterized by monotony and complacency. With a teenage daughter, a loyal wife, and a well-paying job, Andrew’s life seems idyllic.

However, things take a turn when he refuses to purchase cigarettes for a group of local thugs led by the unstable and sadistic Frankie. The gang initiates a vicious campaign of terror and violence against Andrew and his family, putting their lives in danger.

As the attacks escalate, Andrew begins to regret not buying those cigarettes. YOUR FEAR IS THEIR ENTERTAINMENT in this thrilling tale of survival and revenge.

About the Author

A. Zavarelli writes bestselling dark and contemporary romance novels that have topped both the USA Today and Amazon charts.

When she isn’t torturing her characters, she enjoys watching strange and disturbing documentaries for the sake of research. A.

Zavarelli resides in the Northwest with her lumberjack partner and a whole pack of furry companions.

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Editoral Review

Before delving into the review of Pretty When She Cries by A. Zavarelli, its important to note that this book is not for the faint of heart.

As a dark romance novel, it contains themes of violence, abuse, and captivity, all of which are integral to the main plot. A.

Zavarelli is a USA Today bestselling author who is well-known for her gritty and suspenseful romances. Pretty When She Cries is her latest novel, released on October 23, 2020.

This book deals with sensitive topics that might not be suitable for everyone, so readers should be aware of that before picking it up. Set in Boston, the story follows Kat, a young woman who’s been held captive by the ruthless leader of a gang.

When her captor is arrested, she finds herself struggling to come to terms with her newfound freedom, and the emotional and physical scars that remain. Enter Luca, the son of the man who put her captor behind bars, and the person tasked with keeping her safe.

What ensues is a heart-wrenching, captivating romance thats sure to leave readers on the edge of their seats. Zavarelli’s writing is excellent, as always.

She masterfully brings the story to life in a way thats both gritty and poignant. Her attention to detail is impressive, and she does a great job of creating an immersive setting that adds to the overall atmosphere of the book.

Additionally, the author does an excellent job of building tension throughout the story, and readers will find themselves constantly wondering what will happen next. The characters in Pretty When She Cries are complex and nuanced, with each of them having their motivations and backstories.

Kat, in particular, is a standout character, as she battles with her traumatic past and tries to navigate her new life. Luca is also a compelling character, though at times his actions can be a bit questionable.

The pacing of the book is well-done, with Zavarelli gradually building up the tension until it reaches a fever pitch. While there are some slower moments, they’re necessary to allow readers to catch their breath and process what’s happening.

As mentioned earlier, this book isnt for everyone. Its a dark romance that deals with sensitive themes, and as such, it might not be enjoyable to those who are easily triggered.

Additionally, there are some plot points that feel a bit contrived, and at times the story can feel a bit formulaic. Overall, Pretty When She Cries is an excellent addition to A.

Zavarelli’s repertoire. Its a well-written, intense, and emotional story thats sure to keep readers hooked until the very end.

Fans of dark romance will undoubtedly enjoy this book, and while it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s still an impressive read.

Rating: 8/10

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