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Racing Through the Dark by David Millar Review

Title: Racing Through the Dark

Author: David Millar

First published June 1, 2011

354 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 9781409114949 (ISBN10: 1409114945)

Rating: 4.18


David Millar was once a promising cyclist, with hopes of becoming the next English-speaking Tour winner. However, his career took a dark turn when he gave in to the temptation of performance-enhancing drugs.

In Racing Through the Dark, he candidly shares his story of how he hit rock bottom and lost everything. But he didn’t stay there.

David climbed his way back up and is now clean and reflective. This book is a powerful account of his journey through the highs and lows of professional cycling, and a reminder that it’s never too late to turn your life around.

Shortlisted for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award, Racing Through the Dark is a must-read for anyone who loves sports and believes in the power of redemption.

About the Author

Meet David Millar, a Scottish road racing cyclist who currently rides for Garmin-Sharp. His impressive track record includes winning five stages of the Tour de France, two of the Vuelta a EspaƱa, and one stage of the Giro d’Italia.

In 2007, he earned the titles of British national road champion and national time trial champion. Millar is a trailblazer in the cycling world, having been the only British rider to don all Tour de France jerseys and one of only five to wear the coveted yellow jersey.

He is also the first British rider to have ever sported the leader’s jersey in all three Grand Tours.

While his career hasn’t been without controversy, including a two-year ban in 2004 for admitting to taking banned performance-enhancing drugs, Millar made a triumphant comeback. Four years after his return, he won the silver medal at the World Time Trial Championships.

In June 2011, Millar published his autobiography, which was praised by The Guardian’s Richard Williams as “one of the great first-person accounts of sporting experience.”

Editoral Review

Racing Through the Dark by David Millar is a gripping memoir that details the rise and fall of a champion cyclist. Millar is a former British road racing cyclist who was once considered one of the best riders in the world.

However, his career came crashing down when he tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2004. In this book, Millar offers a raw and honest account of his journey as a professional cyclist, shedding light on the rampant use of doping in the sport and the pressures that athletes face to succeed at any cost.

Millar’s memoir is a daring exploration of the cycling world, taking readers on a visceral journey through its highs and lows. The author’s writing style is elegant and sophisticated, with a cadence to his sentences that makes the book read like poetry.

The pacing is excellent, with moments of heart-pounding tension alternating with introspective reflection. The result is a book that is hard to put down, making readers feel as though they are in the middle of a race themselves.

The central themes of the book revolve around the negative impact that doping has on the sport of cycling, as well as the toll it takes on the human body and psyche. Millar’s honest portrayal of the dangers and temptations inherent in the sport provides a sobering look at what it takes to become a champion cyclist.

The author also delves into the mental and emotional toll of competing at the highest levels, offering a window into the world of professional sports that few get to experience. One of the strengths of Racing Through the Dark is its nuanced character development.

Millar paints a vivid picture of the personalities that populate the cycling world, from his own teammates to his competitors. Each person is fleshed out and given depth, making the reader feel invested in their stories.

The author’s descriptions of the landscape of international cycling are also excellent, transporting readers to different locations around the world and giving them a sense of the cultural significance of the sport. That being said, there are a few weaknesses in the book worth mentioning.

At times, some of the writing can feel repetitive, with certain phrases and descriptions being used over and over again. The book also lacks a bit of structure, jumping back and forth between different time periods and events.

While this can add to the suspense of the story, it can also be confusing for readers who are trying to follow along. Overall, Racing Through the Dark is a fantastic memoir that sheds light on the darker side of professional cycling.

Its elegant writing style, nuanced characters, and insightful themes make it a must-read for fans of the sport and true crime enthusiasts alike. While the book is not perfect, it is a testament to Millar’s courage and determination, and a reminder of the importance of honesty and integrity in sports.

I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a gripping and thought-provoking read. Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

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