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Ral’s Woman by Laurann Dohner Review

Title: Ral’s Woman

Author: Laurann Dohner

First published September 4, 2009

115 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 3.81


Abducted from her home planet, Lila finds herself stranded on a foreign world, captured by the merciless Anzon. Deemed worthless and unfit for labor, she becomes the grand prize in a brutal battle among the deadliest aliens.

And the victor is the most intimidating, daunting, and alluring alien of them all. In the arms of Rax, Lila discovers the depths of her own carnal desires.

Forced into slavery, Rax is determined to free his fellow Zorn warriors from their captors. However, Lila captures his attention, and he finds himself consumed by her beauty and strength.

Rax claims Lila as his own, pledging to love, cherish, and protect her from all dangers, even as he battles against his own people. Together, they must navigate through treacherous obstacles and fight against all odds to secure their freedom and love.

About the Author

It’s great to have the chance to share a bit more about myself. I work as a full-time supervisor at home, which really means I’m a housewife.

I’ve been happily married to my dream guy for 20 years, and together, we have four children. Currently, I live in Southern California and can’t imagine functioning without iced coffee.

Romance is something I believe in wholeheartedly, and I’ve always been one to daydream. Additionally, I’m an avid reader and have been for as long as I can remember.

Surprisingly, I didn’t always know that I wanted to become a writer. As a child, I devoured books, reading entire series in just a few days.

From Pippi Longstocking and Nancy Drew to The Borrowers, I couldn’t get enough. By the age of nine, I had an adult library card and was a frequent visitor.

As I got older, I moved on to more mature authors like John Saul, Stephen King, and Richard Laymon. Eventually, I discovered romance novels and was hooked.

In my teens, I started writing poetry and eventually moved on to short stories. One day, after reading a particularly disappointing book, I decided that I could do better and started writing my first book.

It was a series, and although it will likely never be published, it was the start of my writing journey.

Over the years, I continued to write for fun, working on many different books. In 2009, I decided to try and get published.

I wrote my first Sci-Fi romance, Ral’s Woman, and after a bit of tweaking, Ellorascave accepted it for publication. It was a real “Cinderella” moment for me, and I’ve been enjoying the ride ever since.

Finally being able to commit to writing full-time has been a dream come true.

Editoral Review

Laurann Dohner’s Ral’s Woman is a thrilling science fiction romance novel that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. The book was first published on September 4, 2009, and has since gained a following among fans of the genre.

The plot of Ral’s Woman centers on Olivia, a human woman who is kidnapped by an alien race known as the Zorn. Olivia is chosen by Ral, the leader of the Zorn, as his mate.

At first, Olivia is resistant to the idea of being with an alien, but as she spends more time with Ral, she begins to see him in a different light. Ral is fiercely protective of Olivia, and their relationship becomes more complicated as they navigate their different cultures and social norms.

Dohner’s writing is excellent, evoking the alien world of the Zorn with vivid descriptions and attention to detail. The pacing of the novel is superb, with the plot moving at a brisk pace that will keep readers engaged.

The character of Ral is particularly well-drawn, with his alien perspective providing a fascinating contrast to Olivia’s human point of view. The book does have its flaws, however.

The character of Olivia can be frustrating at times, as she often resists Ral’s advances even when it is clear that she has feelings for him. Additionally, the novel can be overly reliant on the romance aspect of the plot, which may not be to everyone’s taste.

Despite these drawbacks, Ral’s Woman is a gripping and enjoyable read that will appeal to fans of science fiction and romance alike. Dohner’s skillful storytelling and attention to detail make the world of the Zorn and its inhabitants come alive, providing an immersive and engaging reading experience.

Overall, I would recommend Ral’s Woman to anyone looking for a thrilling and romantic science fiction adventure. The book is well-written and entertaining, and is sure to provide readers with a memorable and enjoyable experience.

I would give Ral’s Woman a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, based on its engaging plot, well-drawn characters, and vivid world-building.

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