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Reaper’s Fire by Joanna Wylde Review

Title: Reaper’s Fire

Author: Joanna Wylde

First published August 9, 2016

384 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9781101988961 (ISBN10: 1101988967)

Rating: 3.99


From the bestselling author of Reaper’s Fall comes a thrilling new tale of brotherhood, loyalty, and love. The Reaper’s Motorcycle Club has always been his top priority, until he met her.

Scarlett is a force to be reckoned with; a fierce, independent woman who doesn’t need anyone to save her. He’s drawn to her strength and beauty, but the club comes first.

He can’t have her, not yet. There are still battles to be fought and enemies to be taken down.

But as they spend more time together, he realizes that he’s been lying to her all along. He’s not who she thinks he is.

He’s not sure he even knows who he is anymore. But he knows one thing for certain: he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

Even if it means sacrificing everything he’s ever known. The Reaper’s Motorcycle Club may be his family, but Scarlett is his heart.

And he’ll stop at nothing to protect her.

About the Author

Meet Joanna Wylde, a passionate reader and freelance writer. Check out her website at www.joannawylde.net for more information.

Editoral Review

Reaper’s Fire, a novel by Joanna Wylde, takes readers on a ride through the dangerous and seductive world of motorcycle clubs. Joanna Wylde, a New York Times bestselling author, is known for her gripping storytelling and for creating unforgettable, complex characters.

This book, published on August 9, 2016, is no exception. The novel is set in an atmospheric and authentically portrayed biker scene, with the story following a member of the motorcycle club called the Reapers, Gage “Reaper” Kavanagh.

He is tasked with keeping tabs on a young woman, Lanie Heron, who has connections to another motorcycle club. But as they get closer, Gage finds himself in a dangerous and complicated position.

Wylde’s writing style is fast-paced and unrelentingly tense, with the plot quickly gaining momentum as the tension between Gage and Lanie builds. Wylde’s characters are full of grit and complex motives, adding depth to the dark and dangerous atmosphere of the biker world.

The author tackles the complexity of relationships in the biker world with skill, portraying both the bonds of brotherhood and the cost of loyalty. Reaper’s Fire is not just another motorcycle club romance, but instead a captivating and suspenseful tale of love, loyalty, and betrayal in the face of danger.

The story is intense and thrilling, with Wylde’s writing style immersing readers into the motorbike subculture. The characters are well-drawn and multi-dimensional, making them relatable despite their harsh surroundings.

However, the novel also has its limitations. The plot is at times predictable and cliche, with some of the characters not fully developed.

While the dark and distressed world of the biker landscape is portrayed vividly, at times, Reaper’s Fire suffers a lack of authenticity, with the backdrop of the motorcycle club appearing more like a caricature than an actual subculture. Despite these limitations, Reaper’s Fire is a fast-paced and enjoyable read.

Fans of Joanna Wylde’s previous work and readers who enjoy the motorcycle club subculture will find much to enjoy in the novel. The themes of loyalty, love, and betrayal transcend the biker setting, making Reaper’s Fire a recommended read for anyone looking for a thrilling and intense ride.

Overall, Reaper’s Fire earns a rating of 3.5 out of 5. While the novel is not perfect, it is a great read for fans of the motorcycle club genre, with Wylde’s writing style and character development adding depth to the tense and brutal atmosphere of the biker world.

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