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Rebel by Skye Jordan Review

Title: Rebel

Author: Skye Jordan

First published December 21, 2013

356 pages, Nook

ISBN: 9781944765958

Rating: 4.13


Desperate to support her family, Sassy Peale is working hard to make ends meet. When she meets John Callister, she assumes he’s a genuine cowboy – rugged, dependable, and down-to-earth.

But as it turns out, John is actually a millionaire from one of Montana’s most influential families. When Sassy discovers this, she’s convinced that John is just toying with her.

However, John is determined to prove that he’s not the arrogant playboy she believes him to be. He’s a diamond in the rough, just waiting for someone to see his true worth.

Editoral Review

Rebel by Skye Jordan is a captivating story set in the world of car racing. First published on December 21, 2013, Jordan offers a unique perspective on the high-stakes, adrenaline-filled lifestyle inhabited by some of the worlds most daring individuals.

Rebel is a romance novel that offers a glimpse into the lives of people who live life on the edge, and the challenges they face when balancing risky careers and relationships. The novel follows the story of Emma Hill, an independent woman with a passion for cars, and Jericho King, a successful race car driver.

The two protagonists are not only drawn to each other by their mutual love for speed and adrenaline but also by a shared painful past. Emmas ex-husband has left her with a pile of debt, and Jericho is haunted by a deadly family secret.

Jordan sets the novel in Californias Bay Area, specifically in the city of Oakland, where Jericho King’s racing team is based. The story moves quickly, alternating between Emma and Jericho’s points of view, with each chapter exploring the growing attraction between the two protagonists.

The racing scenes are intense and well-written, providing the reader with a vivid picture of the danger and excitement of the sport. One of the novel’s strengths is its well-rounded and likable characters, which include not only the protagonists but also the supporting cast.

The humor and camaraderie between the characters will leave readers rooting for everyone, which makes the book even more enjoyable. Jordan also tackles some themes, such as trust, forgiveness, and overcoming past traumas, which are relevant and impactful in the real world.

She delves into the challenges of maintaining a relationship in the fast-paced and risky world of car racing. The themes and plot can resonate with readers, making the writing relatable and engaging.

However, the plot does have its flaws, some of which seem predictable and generic for a romance novel. The resolution of the story is, at times, too convenient, giving the reader a sense of being spoon-fed.

Also, some of the secondary characters are not fleshed out enough, which leads to a feeling of being underdeveloped. In conclusion, Rebel is a well-written, entertaining romance novel with likable characters and an exciting plot.

Skye Jordan provides a unique perspective on the world of car racing while tackling relatable themes for readers in any field. While the story may have some predictable moments and underdeveloped characters, the writing and pacing are spot on.

Rebel is a must-read for fans of contemporary romance, car racing, and anyone looking for an engaging, high-stakes story that balances action, romance, and heart.

Rating: 3.5/5 stars.