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Reclaimed by Jaymin Eve Review

Title: Reclaimed

Author: Jaymin Eve

First published January 12, 2021

386 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 4.38


A decade of suffering has shaped me into something new. My pack, my true mate, and Shadow Beast all played a part in my transformation.

But the elusive creature never showed his true intentions. My time with him has awakened something within me, something powerful, and now I refuse to be a pawn in anyone’s game.

I won’t let the dominant men in my life dictate my path any longer. I must embrace this new evolution or be destroyed.

The question remains: who will stand by my side as I become something extraordinary?

About the Author

Jaymin Eve is an accomplished author who has reached great heights with her paranormal romance, urban fantasy, and sci-fi novels. Her books are packed with epic love stories, thrilling adventures, and hilarious moments.

She resides in Australia with her spouse, two lovely daughters, and a few wacky pets. Eve has sold over three million ebooks to date and is still overjoyed that she gets to create fantasy universes for a living.

If you’re looking for excitement, romance, and a guaranteed happy ending, dive into one of her series today. Here’s the recommended reading order:

– Secret Keepers series (Paranormal Romance): House of Darken, House of Imperial, House of Leights, and House of Royale

– Storm Princess Saga (PNR/Fantasy): The Princess Must Die, The Princess Must Strike, and The Princess Must Reign

– Curse of the Gods (Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance series) for UpperYA/NA readers: Trickery, Persuasion, Seduction, Strength, Neutral, and Pain

– Supernatural Prison (UF/PNR romance with shifter, vampire, fae, and magic user): Dragon Marked, Dragon Mystics, Dragon Mated, Broken Compass, and Magical Compass

– NYC Mecca Series (UF/PNR Romance with shifters) for Upper YA readers: Queen Heir, Queen Alpha, Queen Fae, and Queen Mecca

– Hive Trilogy (UF/PNR Romance with vampires) for Upper YA readers: Ash, Anarchy, and Annihilate

– Walker Saga (Fantasy/adventure/romance with gods, mermaids, and dragons) for YA readers: First World, Spurn, Crais, Regali, Nephilius, Dronish, and Earth.

Make sure to stay up to date with her latest releases!

Editoral Review

In her latest release, Reclaimed, bestselling author Jaymin Eve explores the ever-popular young adult fantasy genre with a refreshing twist. Published on January 12th, 2021, Reclaimed is a novel that is sure to satiate the cravings of the genre’s many ardent fans.

The novel is set in a world where witches, fae, and other mystical creatures exist, but the story revolves around a teenager named Sienna who has no knowledge of this magical world. However, when Sienna’s powers begin to surface, she discovers the truth about her own identity and must navigate through a world that is both fascinating and deadly.

Eve has managed to create a unique and vividly-imagined world that sets the stage for an exciting and action-packed story. Reclaimed’s main character, Sienna, is relatable and likable, and her journey is laced with suspense and intrigue.

The story’s subplots add to the overarching story rather than distract from it. Eve sets up everything perfectly with her gripping prose and keen attention to detail.

The pacing of the novel is just right, ensuring that the reader remains engaged from cover to cover. Eve is a masterful storyteller who knows her genre inside out.

She uses her creative imagination to great effect, giving the reader a sense of awe and wonder when encountering the magical creatures that populate her world. However, the author’s greatest strength may lie in her ability to create well-rounded characters.

Secondary characters are given enough attention and depth that they never feel like mere props in Sienna’s story.

While Reclaimed’s world-building and characters make it a standout in the genre, it also has its limitations.

For instance, some readers may not be able to get past the common tropes that are present in most young adult fantasy novels. Additionally, some might find portions of the story predictable, as it follows the coming-of-age tropes common in the genre.

However, Eve’s worldbuilding and lovingly-crafted characters more than make up for these minor flaws. Reclaimed is a fantastically crafted coming-of-age story with a fresh spin on the usual tropes.

Fans of Jaymin Eve’s previous works in the genre are sure to enjoy this one, as are readers who enjoy fantasy and young adult fiction. Reclaimed is highly recommended to readers who enjoy fast-paced stories with rich characters and a vividly imagined world.

Thanks to Eve’s writing, readers will be carried away on a wondrous adventure that’ll leave them wanting more. The Washington Post highly recommends this book to readers of all ages.