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Relentless by Kaylea Cross Review

Title: Relentless

Author: Kaylea Cross

First published June 11, 2010

348 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9781601547842 (ISBN10: 1601547846)

Rating: 4.3


Kaylea Cross delivers an action-packed romantic thriller in her latest novel, Relentless. Neveah Adams, a trauma surgeon, is still recovering from the trauma she faced in Afghanistan.

She has a chance to speak at a medical conference in Vancouver and Rhys Sinclair, a former Delta Force operator, is tasked with guarding her. Despite the feelings brewing between them, Rhys knows that Neveah’s life is in danger.

The terrorist who targeted her before is coming after her again and Rhys is the only one who can protect her. But keeping her safe means keeping secrets and risking their growing connection.

Will they be able to stop the terrorist before it’s too late? With heart-pumping action and a steamy romance, Relentless is a must-read for fans of romantic suspense.

About the Author

Kaylea Cross is a talented author known for crafting heart-racing military romantic suspense stories. Her writing has garnered numerous awards and recognitions, including nominations for the Daphne du Maurier and National Readers’ Choice Awards.

Beyond her writing career, Kaylea is a Registered Massage Therapist and enjoys hobbies such as gardening, art, and belly dancing. She is also passionate about learning about Civil War history and Special Ops.

In her past, Kaylea was a nationally-carded softball pitcher. She currently resides in Vancouver, BC with her loved ones.

Kaylea welcomes feedback from her readers and invites you to connect with her. Drop her a line and say hello!

Editoral Review

Relentless by Kaylea Cross is a thrilling romantic suspense novel that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Kaylea Cross is a bestselling author in the romantic suspense genre, known for her compelling characters, gripping plots, and steamy romance.

Set in Afghanistan, the story follows Faith Green, a freelance journalist who uncovers a dangerous conspiracy involving a group of wealthy Americans and a radical insurgent group. When Faith’s life is threatened, she is rescued by Luke Alexander, a former Marine and current private security contractor.

As they work together to uncover the truth, Faith and Luke find themselves drawn to each other in ways they never expected. But the danger they face is real, and it’s only a matter of time before they must confront it head-on.

Through Cross’s vivid descriptions of the war-torn landscape, readers will feel as if they are right alongside Faith and Luke as they navigate the dangerous terrain while trying to stay alive. The tension builds steadily as the plot twists and turns, leading up to a heart-stopping climax that won’t disappoint.

One of the strengths of Relentless is the depth of character development. Faith and Luke are both complex and multi-dimensional characters, with backstories that are revealed slowly throughout the novel.

As their relationship deepens, readers will root for them to overcome the obstacles in their way. The pacing of the novel is also well-done, with just enough action and romance to keep readers engaged without feeling overwhelmed.

Cross strikes a perfect balance between the two, creating a story that is both thrilling and emotionally satisfying. While Relentless is a work of fiction, it touches on important issues and themes that are relevant to current events.

Cross explores the impact of war on both individuals and society, and the ways in which power and greed can corrupt even the most well-intentioned people. Overall, Relentless is a must-read for fans of the romantic suspense genre.

With its well-crafted plot, compelling characters, and thought-provoking themes, it’s a book that will stay with readers long after they’ve finished. I highly recommend it with a score of 4.5 out of 5 stars.