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Resisting the Bad Boy by Violet Duke Review

Title: Resisting the Bad Boy

Author: Violet Duke

First published March 28, 2013

170 pages, ebook

ISBN: 9780989163309

Rating: 3.89


She’s the kind-hearted woman who never takes risks, until she meets the irresistible bad boy who challenges her to try something new. He’s a tough businessman with a reputation that precedes him, and a strict one-month rule for any relationship.

But when fate brings them together, he can’t resist her sweetness and she can’t help falling for his charm. As they navigate their feelings for each other, they must also navigate the challenges of their past and present.

Can they overcome their differences and find a lasting love?

About the Author

Violet Duke, a renowned author who has made it to the New York Times and USA Today’s bestseller lists, used to be an English Education professor. Now, she is thrilled to be on the other side of the page, writing stories filled with emotions, relatable characters, and steamy love stories.

Since 2013, Violet has published four contemporary romance series that have been read by over a million people globally, landing her books on various bestseller lists and Top 10 charts.

When Violet isn’t devouring books, she enjoys taking on random activities without reading the instructions first (sometimes involving dangerous power tools she shouldn’t be using), and cooking dishes that defy recipes. She lives in Hawai’i with her children, Violet and Duke, and her husband, Mr. Violet Duke, who is the head of the family.

Violet takes her work-from-home attire seriously, dressing in pajamas and rubber slippers.

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Editoral Review

In “Resisting the Bad Boy,” author Violet Duke delivers an enjoyable and heartening read that is perfect for fans of romance novels. First published in 2013, the book follows the story of Ava and Derek, two unlikely people who find themselves drawn to one another despite their differences.

Duke creates a vivid and believable world for her characters, set primarily in the small town of Redwood Ridge. The setting provides a charming backdrop against which the love story unfolds.

The author also does an outstanding job of building her characters, with Ava and Derek coming across as three-dimensional individuals rather than just stereotypical love interests. The main conflict of the story revolves around Ava’s refusal to get involved with a “bad boy” like Derek, who has a reputation for being a player.

However, as they spend more time together, Ava comes to realize that Derek is not the person she thought he was. Despite the somewhat predictable nature of the storyline, Duke keeps readers engaged throughout with her carefully crafted prose and charming characters.

One of the strengths of “Resisting the Bad Boy” is Duke’s writing style. She has a talent for making even the most mundane of moments seem romantic and meaningful, and her use of descriptive language is spot-on.

Additionally, the way she handles the romance in the story is both believable and engaging, which is not always easy to achieve in the world of romance novels. That being said, the book is not without its limitations.

Some readers may find the predictability of the storyline to be a turn-off, and some of the secondary characters lack depth or development. Additionally, while the book does touch on some important themes, such as trust and self-discovery, it doesn’t delve particularly deep into them, which may disappoint some readers looking for more substance.

Despite these flaws, “Resisting the Bad Boy” still makes for an enjoyable read, particularly for fans of the romance genre. Duke’s talent for writing engaging prose and creating likable characters shines through.

Overall, “Resisting the Bad Boy” earns a solid recommendation from this reviewer. It may not be the most groundbreaking novel out there, but it’s a fun and heartwarming read that is perfect for when you’re in need of a little escapism.

I give it a rating of 4/5, based on its strong writing, solid characters, and engaging storyline.

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