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Revealed to Him by Jen Frederick Review

Title: Revealed to Him

Author: Jen Frederick

First published November 3, 2015

272 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9781503947559 (ISBN10: 1503947556)

Rating: 3.92


Jake Tanner is a tough and handsome veteran who never lets his prosthetic hand and foot hold him back. But even with his successful security firm and a long list of women vying for his attention, Jake feels restless and unfulfilled.

That changes when he’s hired to protect a beautiful and talented artist, whose life is in danger from an unknown stalker. Natalie Beck is a recluse, trapped in her apartment by fear and paranoia, until Jake enters her life.

As the danger intensifies, so does their attraction to each other, but can Jake’s devotion and expertise keep Natalie safe? Or will she push him away, risking everything to face the threat alone?

Editoral Review

Jen Frederick’s Revealed to Him takes readers on a journey of love, self-discovery, and healing. Published on November 3, 2015, the book finds its place in the romance genre, tackling themes of sacrifice, forgiveness, and acceptance.

The story centers around a young woman named Jules, who is recovering from a life-changing accident. Jules meets Zach, a divorcee with a history of heartbreak.

Together, they navigate their complicated pasts, allowing each other to reveal their vulnerabilities and finally let go of their baggage. Frederick skillfully captures the complex emotions of her characters, creating a powerful connection between them and the readers.

Jules and Zach’s journey is not just about falling in love; it’s about learning to love themselves and overcoming the hurdles that have been holding them back. The setting of the novel also plays a crucial role in the story’s development.

Taking place in rural Tennessee, the book paints a vivid picture of small-town life and the struggles that come with it. Frederick places great importance on the book’s sense of place, creating a world that is both believable and immersive.

In terms of pacing, Revealed to Him moves at a steady pace, allowing the characters’ relationships to grow organically. Frederick’s writing is clear and concise, making the book easy to digest without sacrificing its emotional depth.

However, the book, while enjoyable on its own, lacks a unique touch that sets it apart from other romance novels in its genre. The themes of Revealed to Him are not groundbreaking, and at times the plot can feel predictable.

Overall, Jen Frederick’s Revealed to Him is a solid addition to the romance genre, providing readers with a heartfelt story of love and self-discovery. While it may not break any new ground, the book is nevertheless a satisfying read that is rich in emotion and character development.

Fans of the genre can find solace in Revealed to Him, and those looking for a captivating escape will not be disappointed.

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