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Rhythm of Three by Kelly Jamieson Review

Title: Rhythm of Three

Author: Kelly Jamieson

First published October 29, 2013

137 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 3.89


Kassidy’s life has never been more exciting. She’s got not one, but two amazing lovers in Chris and Dag, and their fiery threesomes are the envy of all her friends.

But as much as she enjoys the passion and pleasure that comes with her unconventional relationship, Kassidy can’t help but feel like things are getting complicated. With Chris’s parents coming to visit, Kassidy’s best friend Danielle back in town, and a wedding on the horizon, the trio’s love is put to the ultimate test.

Will they be able to navigate the challenges of family, friends, and society’s expectations, or will their love crumble under the pressure? Featuring steamy man-on-man action, explicit sex, and graphic language, Rhythm of Three is a dirty, sweet, and heartwarming story of love and lust.

About the Author

Meet Kelly Jamieson, a bestselling author known for her captivating romance novels and novellas. Her writing style has been praised for its emotional depth, sweet satisfaction, and sizzling sensuality.

When she’s not crafting tales of love and passion, you can find her indulging in black coffee, white wine, and strutting around in stylish high heels. And when hockey season rolls around, she’s a devoted fan of the Winnipeg Jets.

Kelly always loves hearing from her readers, so don’t hesitate to visit her website at www.kellyjamieson.com.

Editoral Review

Kelly Jamieson’s Rhythm of Three is a captivating romantic novel set in contemporary North America that explores the dynamics of polyamory. Published in October 2013, the book is a testament to Jamieson’s writing prowess and her aptitude for conveying complex emotions and experiences with ease and sensitivity.

The novel introduces readers to Emma, a successful businesswoman who is seeking fulfillment in her love life. After developing feelings for her two long-time friends, Carter and Isaac, the three embark on a polyamorous relationship that challenges traditional notions of love and commitment.

However, Emma’s trepidation regarding the societal stigma and internal conflicts regarding the relationship open the door for reflexive analyses regarding the human experience and its complexities. Jamieson’s writing style is poignant and descriptive, setting the tone for an immersive reading experience.

The characters are well-written and multifaceted, with their motivations and actions being fully fleshed out. The novel’s pacing is consistent, with the story gravitating around the complexities of the love triangle and examining not only the characters’ relationships but also their insecurities, ideals, and personal growth.

Rhythm of Three is a refreshing take on the traditional love triangle trope that addresses themes of bisexuality, sex positivity, and polyamory. In a culture where these topics are often overlooked, Jamieson delivers a compelling and inviting narrative that opens the door to dialogues about non-traditional types of love and respect.

However, the book’s dialogue does feel a bit stilted and unconvincing at times. Further depth in the characters relationships with each other beyond their romantic interests would have helped create a more significant emotional impact.

Despite this, Rhythm of Three is a beautifully written and insightful exploration of love and relationships beyond the traditional bounds. Overall, Rhythm of Three is a captivating read for anyone interested in the complexities of human relationships and experiences.

It receives a well-deserved four stars, as it is an excellent addition to the contemporary romance genre. Kelly Jamieson’s skillful storytelling and ability to craft complex and relatable characters ensure that the novel leaves a lasting impression on readers.