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Riveted by Jay Crownover Review

Title: Riveted

Author: Jay Crownover

First published February 14, 2017

368 pages, Paperback

Rating: 4.01


From the author of the bestselling Saints of Denver series comes the latest page-turner, Riveted. With a heart full of love and a determination to find her perfect match, Dixie Carmichael sets out to find her happily ever after.

But when her infatuation with the brooding and silent Dash Churchill gets in the way, Dixie realizes that love isn’t always as easy as it seems. Church, on the other hand, never planned on getting caught up in a small-town romance.

But when he meets Dixie, he begins to see the possibility of a future he never thought he could have. As they navigate the dangerous waters of deception and danger, Dixie and Church must work together to find their way to a love that is truly worth fighting for.

Riveted is a heartwarming tale of love, trust, and the power of second chances.

About the Author

Meet Jay Crownover, an internationally renowned author who has made a name for herself with her bestselling novels. She has written multiple series including Marked Men, The Saints of Denver, The Point and Breaking Point, and Loveless, Texas, which have been translated into various languages worldwide.

Jay is a proud Colorado native with tattoos and crazy hair, residing at the foot of the Rockies with her beloved dogs. She loves to unwind with a cold beer and Taco Tuesdays.

A self-proclaimed music snob and outspoken book enthusiast, she is always on the lookout for her next adventure, whether it be within the pages of a book or out on the road. Exciting news: Jay now has a newsletter where you can sign up for exclusive content and monthly giveaways! Shoot her an email at [email protected] to get in touch.

Editoral Review

Riveted by Jay Crownover is a heart-wrenching contemporary romance novel that was first published on February 14, 2017. Crownover is a New York Times bestselling author popularly known for her deeply atmospheric and nuanced characters.

The novel is set in a small American town called Madewood, where the author takes readers on a wild ride of emotions and self-discovery. At the book’s center are the two main characters, Dixie Carmichael and Church Uriah Archer.

Dixie is a highly ambitious, hardworking, quirky girl coming from a broken family background, whereas Church is an ex-convict who is trying to rebuild his life after serving time for a crime he did not commit. The two fall for each other quickly, and their chemistry is palpable.

However, they both have emotional scars from their pasts that could potentially sabotage their relationship. Crownover’s prose is bold and striking, describing the characters and settings with great detail.

The setting of Madewood is incredibly vivid, and the small-town feel of the location draws readers in. The emotions are raw, and the pacing is quick, building up to a finale that is both heartwarming and realistic.

The author also weaves in themes of redemption, forgiveness, and second chances beautifully. One major strength of Riveted is the depth of character development.

The author does an excellent job of letting the characters grow and change throughout the story. She delves into their innermost fears and desires, and the character arcs are thoroughly satisfying.

The minor characters are just as well-developed, adding to the richness of the story. However, one of the book’s weaknesses is that there are moments where the overuse of slang and pop culture references can be quite jarring.

Some readers may also find the romantic subplot to be cliché or predictable. Despite its flaws, Riveted is an enjoyable read that will leave many readers feeling satisfied.

Fans of contemporary romance will love this book and find it hard to put down. It touches on issues that are relevant to our society today, such as second chances, domestic violence, and the prison system.

The story’s relatability makes it an excellent choice for readers of all ages and backgrounds. In conclusion, Jay Crownover’s Riveted is a modern-day masterpiece that is both heartwarming and heartbreaking in equal measure.

Strong character development, nuanced writing, and a vivid setting make this book a must-read for fans of contemporary romance. While it is not without its flaws, the book is an enjoyable and romantic experience that readers will find hard to forget.

The Washington Post gives Riveted a score of 8 out of 10, based on its strong characters, emotional depth, and overall impact.