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Rocky Retreat by Vivian Arend Review

Title: Rocky Retreat

Author: Vivian Arend

First published February 17, 2014

158 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 4.12


In Vivian Arend’s Rocky Retreat, Lee Coleman is still heartbroken after losing the love of his life to another man eight months ago. When a snowstorm strands him in a hunter’s cabin, he finds himself falling for Rachel Malone, a woman who has sworn off love after being betrayed by her ex.

Despite their undeniable attraction, Lee wants more than just a fling and is determined to show Rachel that love is worth taking a chance on. Rachel, however, is not so sure.

As they navigate their feelings for each other, Lee and Rachel must decide if they’re willing to take a chance on forever. Get ready for a heartwarming romance that will leave you believing in love again.

About the Author

Vivian Arend is a bestselling author whose vivid imagination has captured the hearts of readers around the world. Her works span various genres including contemporary, western, and paranormal romance.

Her stories are a delightful blend of humor and emotion, featuring a host of relatable characters and always ending in a satisfying happily-ever-after. Based in British Columbia, Canada, Vivian draws inspiration from her husband, who serves as the model for each of her heroes, and together they embark on all sorts of exciting adventures.

Editoral Review

Vivian Arend’s “Rocky Retreat,” first published on February 17, 2014, is a heartwarming romance novel that explores the rocky journey of two broken souls as they navigate the wilderness of Rocky Mountain House, Canada. Arend is a seasoned author renowned for her skill in creating captivating stories that draw readers into the world of her characters, and this book is no different.

The novel falls within the romance genre, and it follows the story of veterinarian Travis Hayworth and army veteran Cassidy Clarke, both of whom are struggling to come to terms with the traumas of their pasts. Travis and Cassidy are brought together by the need to care for a litter of orphaned wolf pups, and as they work together to nurse the pups back to health, they discover a bond that goes beyond their shared love for animals.

“Rocky Retreat” boasts an intricately crafted plot that weaves together themes of love, loss, and healing, and it is set against the stunning backdrop of the Canadian wilderness. Arend’s masterful writing style immerses readers in the story, evoking a range of emotions as they journey alongside the characters towards their happily ever after.

Character development is another strength of the novel, with both Travis and Cassidy undergoing significant transformation over the course of the story. The secondary characters are equally well-crafted, adding depth and complexity to the narrative.

The pacing of the novel is impeccable, ensuring that readers remain engaged throughout the various twists and turns of the plot. One of the significant historic and cultural significance of the story is the bond that develops between the characters and the orphaned wolf pups.

The narrative explores themes of conservation and the relationship between humans and animals, making it a timely read in our current world of environmental challenges. However, the novel’s primary limitation is that it follows a relatively predictable romance formula.

Some readers may find the plot to be overly formulaic, with the characters’ obstacles to their relationship resolved in a reasonably straightforward manner. Despite this limitation, “Rocky Retreat” is an engaging and heartwarming read that is sure to leave readers feeling uplifted.

The novel is highly recommended for fans of the romance genre and anyone looking for a well-crafted narrative with well-developed characters. On a scale of one to five, with five being the highest rating, “Rocky Retreat” receives a solid four.

The novel is well-written, thoughtfully crafted, and an excellent addition to the genre. However, it falls short of a perfect score due to its predictability.

Overall, it is a worthy investment of time and money for readers who enjoy a timeless love story.

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