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Saved by Venom by Lolita Lopez Review

Title: Saved by Venom

Author: Lolita Lopez

First published November 29, 2013

248 pages, ebook

ISBN: 9781419948046 (ISBN10: 1419948040)

Rating: 4.11


In Uncovering Love by J.J. Sorel, Scarlet Black is on the run from her abusive ex. She decides to start fresh as an admin assistant under a new identity, and finds herself working for the elusive billionaire, Daniel Love, in a secluded English coastal village.

Daniel’s wife has disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and Scarlet becomes entangled in his life as she delves deeper into her role. As she forms a connection with her handsome boss, their relationship becomes torrid and insatiable.

However, Scarlet must keep her true identity hidden or risk being found by her rogue policeman ex. But if she does, she may also lose the deep bond she has formed with Daniel.

Will Scarlet choose to reveal her true identity and risk it all for love? Find out in Uncovering Love.

About the Author

When Lo was a teenager, she discovered the sensual writings of Ana├»s Nin and A.N. Roquelaure while browsing the bookstore shelves. Knowing her mother wouldn’t approve, she smuggled the books home and kept them hidden under her bed.

At night, she would escape into the passionate worlds created by the authors.

While studying biochemistry and genetics at Texas A&M University, Lo enjoyed writing naughty stories to entertain her friends. She had to choose between studying for exams or crafting steamy tales that her small group of fans adored.

It’s no surprise that Lo is now taking an extended break from college.

Fortunately, Lo stumbled upon the world of erotic romance publishers where she found other readers and writers who shared her love for breathtaking romance with spicy love scenes. She submitted her first novella and the rest is history.

Lo now lives in Texas with her family and her beloved Great Dane, Bosley.

Editoral Review

Saved by Venom by Lolita Lopez is a thrilling romance novel that combines action, suspense, and passion to create a heart-stopping tale. Lopez is a talented writer who is known for her ability to blend different genres seamlessly, and Saved by Venom is no exception.

The book was first published on November 29, 2013, but its impact is still felt today.

The story follows the life of Aleta, a young woman who falls victim to a terrible crime that takes away her home and family.

She is forced to live on the streets, fending for herself, until she meets a group of dangerous criminals who take her in as one of their own. Despite their brutal ways, Aleta finds a sense of belonging with them.

She even falls in love with one of the gang members, a man named Venom, who becomes her protector and confidante.

The plot is set in a dystopian society stuck in the aftermath of a devastating war.

The world is dark, dangerous, and unpredictable, and Aleta’s experiences are often harrowing. The tension in the book builds slowly, but it is palpable, leaving the reader on the edge of their seat.

Along the way, Aleta and Venom’s relationship blossoms into a romance that is both sweet and intense. As the story progresses, Aleta must navigate her loyalties and make difficult choices to protect herself and those she loves.

Lopez’s writing style is impressive. She draws the reader in with beautiful prose and vivid descriptions of the world around Aleta.

Her dialogue is witty, and her character development is rock-solid. The pacing is well-done, with just enough action and suspense to keep the story moving while allowing for the quieter moments of character exploration.

Saved by Venom touches on themes of love, loyalty, and survival, reminding readers that sometimes, the lines between good and evil are blurred. While the book is set in a dystopian world, its commentary on the human experience is relevant to the world we live in today.

There are some limitations to the book, however. Some readers may find the violence and brutality depicted in the story to be too much.

Additionally, while Aleta and Venom’s romance is the heart of the story, some readers may feel that it overpowers the other elements of the plot.

Overall, Saved by Venom is an absorbing novel that will resonate with fans of romance and dystopian fiction.

Lopez’s writing is strong, and her characters are compelling. The book receives a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

It is recommended for readers who enjoy complex, character-driven stories with a healthy dose of action and suspense.