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Scandal in Seattle by Nicole Williams Review

Title: Scandal in Seattle

Author: Nicole Williams

First published July 8, 2013

62 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 3.94


The Eves have always been about justice, not revenge. But when Sienna Stevens sets foot in Seattle as a new identity, revenge is all she can think about.

As Mia Johnson, she will stop at nothing to bring the man who destroyed her life to his knees, both personally and financially. But Mia isn’t satisfied with just ruining his life – she wants to completely annihilate him.

However, Mia’s carefully crafted plan starts to unravel when she makes a crucial mistake. With her career on the line, she comes face-to-face with Henry Callahan, her former lover and current target.

As complications continue to arise, Mia realizes that things have gone from complicated to catastrophic. Will she be able to complete her Errand, or will her desire for revenge be her downfall?

Find out in Scandal in Seattle by Nicole Williams.

About the Author

Meet Nicole, a bestselling author with a passion for storytelling that started at the age of three when she would dictate stories to her parents. She recently signed her first publishing deal, nearly three decades after her humble beginnings.

Despite her love of writing, she majored in Economics instead of pursuing a Creative Writing degree, which she deemed impractical.

When she’s not lost in a book, Nicole enjoys spending time with her family, including her two favorite people in the world, and her three rescue pets. She lives on the quieter side of the Evergreen State, where she can indulge in her love of outdoor activities.

Nicole values her readers and would love to hear from you. You can find her on social media at Author Nicole Williams on Facebook, author_nicole_williams on Instagram, and nwilliamsbooks on Twitter.

Editoral Review

Scandal in Seattle by Nicole Williams is a gripping romantic suspense novel that was first published on July 8, 2013. Williams, a prolific author, has authored several bestselling books in the genre, including the Crash series and the Lost and Found series.

The book is set in Seattle and explores themes of power, secrecy, and corruption. The story opens with a devastating earthquake in Seattle that leaves the city in disarray.

Against this backdrop, we meet the two main characters, Elizabeth and Hunter. Elizabeth is a young, ambitious reporter who is determined to uncover the secrets of Hunter, a wealthy and powerful businessman.

However, Elizabeth soon discovers that she has bitten off more than she can chew, as she becomes embroiled in a web of lies, deceit, and scandal that threatens to destroy her. The pacing of Scandal in Seattle is excellent, with Williams deftly balancing the suspense and romance elements to create a compelling story.

The characters are well-developed, with Elizabeth serving as an engaging protagonist with whom readers can empathize. Hunter is equally intriguing, with his mysterious past and cold demeanor making him both compelling and complex.

Williams shines in her descriptions of the city of Seattle, painting a vivid picture of the post-earthquake chaos and the opulence of the city’s elite. The book also touches on relevant social issues, such as the corrupting influence of wealth and the importance of journalistic integrity.

However, Scandal in Seattle is not without its flaws. Despite its many strengths, the book occasionally suffers from melodrama, with some of the more emotional scenes feeling contrived.

Additionally, some readers may find the ending to be somewhat predictable. Overall, Scandal in Seattle is a well-written and engaging novel that will appeal to fans of romantic suspense.

While not flawless, it is an enjoyable read that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. Williams’ skillful storytelling and insightful commentary on contemporary society make this a book worth reading.

Rating: 4.0/5.0