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Scandal Wears Satin by Loretta Chase Review

Title: Scandal Wears Satin

Author: Loretta Chase

First published June 26, 2012

372 pages, Mass Market Paperback

ISBN: 9780062100313 (ISBN10: 0062100319)

Rating: 3.93


In the world of fashion, a dress is more than just a piece of cloth. It’s a statement, a weapon, and a tool to empty the purses of the elite.

Sophy Noirot, the blue-eyed beauty, knows this all too well. With scandal looming over her family, Sophy has to use every skill in her arsenal to keep Maison Noirot afloat.

But when the Earl of Longmore, a reckless rake, enters her life, she finds herself torn between her duty and desire. Longmore’s sister, Noirot’s wealthiest customer, has run away, and Sophy can’t let him go after her alone.

As they embark on a journey to find Longmore’s sister, Sophy finds herself struggling to resist the temptation of the gorgeous lummox. With desire at every turn, will Sophy be able to keep her heart and her business intact?

Find out in Loretta Chase’s Scandal Wears Satin.

About the Author

Loretta Lynda Chekani, who has Albanian heritage and was born in 1949, found her passion for writing when she learned to write in first grade. She had always been making up her own stories, but now she could put them on paper to share with others.

Throughout her teenage years, Loretta wrote letters, kept a journal, wrote poetry, and even attempted to write the Great American Novel, which remains unfinished. Loretta attended public schools in New England before earning her English degree from Clark University.

After graduating, Loretta worked various jobs at Clark, including a part-time teaching position, while also working as a video scriptwriter on the side. It was during this time that she met a video producer who encouraged her to write novels and eventually became her husband.

Under her married name, Loretta Chase, she has been publishing historical romance novels since 1987. Her books have received numerous awards, including the prestigious Romance Writers of America RITA award.

Editoral Review

Loretta Chase’s Scandal Wears Satin is a historical romance novel that was first published on June 26, 2012. This book is the second installment in the Dressmakers series and features a unique blend of humor, romance, and historical context that makes the series worth reading.

Chase is an accomplished author with several notable works to her name, including the Lord of Scoundrels and Captives of the Night. Her writing style in Scandal Wears Satin is no different from her previous works as she delivers a well-crafted and witty novel to her readers.

The novel is set in London in the early 19th century and begins with the introduction of the protagonist, Marcelline Noirot, a talented and ambitious dressmaker. Marcelline and her sisters, Sophia and Leonie, run a thriving dressmaking business and are determined to make a name for themselves in the high society of London.

Marcelline’s ambition brings her in contact with the Duke of Clevedon, a notorious rake who doesn’t hesitate to use his charms on any woman who crosses his path. Initially, the Duke approaches Marcelline with the intention of dressing his mistress, but he soon discovers that he is drawn to her wit and intelligence.

The plot revolves around Marcelline’s attempt to keep the Duke’s interest while trying to save her business from financial ruin. However, Marcelline soon discovers that the Duke has secrets of his own, which threaten to ruin everything she has worked so hard to achieve.

Chase’s portrayal of the Regency era is beautifully detailed and transports the reader into the world of London’s high society. The author’s use of language and humor adds depth to the plot and makes the characters come alive.

The novel has several strengths, including the character development of Marcelline, who is portrayed as a strong and independent woman determined to succeed in a male-dominated society. The chemistry between Marcelline and the Duke is also well written, and the tension between them is palpable.

One of the book’s weaknesses is that some of the secondary characters are not fully fleshed out, leaving the reader wishing for more backstory. Additionally, the plot may feel predictable to readers familiar with the romance genre.

Overall, Scandal Wears Satin is an engaging and entertaining book that is sure to appeal to fans of historical romance. It is a witty and well-written novel that combines humor, romance, and historical context to create a memorable story.

With its entertaining plot and engaging characters, Scandal Wears Satin is a must-read for lovers of the romance genre. The novel receives a solid four out of five stars and is highly recommended to those looking for an enjoyable and well-crafted book to add to their reading list.