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Silver Flame by Karpov Kinrade Review

Title: Silver Flame

Author: Karpov Kinrade

First published October 31, 2016

334 pages, ebook

Rating: 4.19


The captivating story of Vampire Girl continues with Silver Flame, the thrilling third installment by Karpov Kinrade. This time, our protagonist finds herself caught in a dangerous predicament – having sold her soul to save her mother, she is now stuck between two worlds.

On one side are the vampire demons who hold her contract, while on the other are the powerful Fae whose bloodline courses through her veins. As if that weren’t enough, she must also navigate her feelings for a charming prince whose kind has enslaved an entire race.

Will she be able to find a way out of this dangerous situation, or will she be forever trapped in a world of darkness and despair? Find out in Silver Flame.

About the Author

Lux and Dmytry Karpov-Kinrade, the husband and wife entertainment team, go by the pen name Karpov Kinrade, or The KK Duo. They are a dynamic duo that writes bestselling books, creates music, art, screenplays and directs.

The couple has won numerous awards for their work, which is enjoyed by audiences around the world.

Karpov Kinrade is known for the Vampire Girl series, Endless Magic Online, The Night Firm, The Last Witch, Dungeon Queen, The Nightfall Chronicles, and The Forbidden Trilogy. If you’re looking for their suspense and romance titles, you’ll find those under Alex Lux.

In addition to their creative pursuits, the couple also creates music. To hear their music, click on the Music tab.

Their three children are also creative geniuses, with talents in music, art, and performance. The family lives in wine country California, where they are ruled by their many cats.

Editoral Review

Silver Flame by Karpov Kinrade is a paranormal romance novel that was first published on October 31, 2016. The book is set in a world where vampires and their hunters, known as Firebirds, coexist.

Karpov Kinrade is a popular author who has written several bestselling fantasy and romance novels. The novel follows the story of two main characters, Saffron and Xander, who come from different worlds but are brought together by fate.

Saffron is a Firebird, born to hunt and kill vampires, but she has a secret desire to be a vampire herself. Xander is a powerful vampire, who wants to help bridge the gap between vampires and Firebirds.

As their paths cross, they find themselves facing evil forces that threaten both their worlds, and they must work together to defeat them. The novel is well-written and engaging, with an intricate plot that keeps the reader engaged throughout.

The characters are well-developed, with complex personalities and backstories. The themes of love, loyalty, and betrayal are explored in-depth through the story, as the characters navigate their relationships with each other.

The book’s paranormal elements are well-executed, with an interesting take on vampire lore. The setting is atmospheric, with vivid descriptions of the dark underworld of vampires and the dangerous world of Firebirds.

However, the book’s pacing can be slow at times, with certain scenes dragging on longer than necessary. The world-building could have been more detailed, as some aspects of the Firebird and vampire societies are left unexplained.

The ending also felt rushed, with some loose ends left unresolved. Overall, Silver Flame is a great read for fans of paranormal romance and urban fantasy.

While it may not be perfect, it is a well-crafted story with strong characters and an engaging plot. Karpov Kinrade’s writing is top-notch, with beautiful prose and vivid imagery.

The book’s themes are timely and relevant, touching on issues of identity and self-acceptance. I would recommend Silver Flame to anyone who enjoys the paranormal romance genre, particularly those who appreciate strong heroines and complex relationships.

The book is an entertaining and engaging read that will keep you turning the pages until the very end. I give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

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