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Snow by Maxence Fermine Review

Title: Snow

Author: Maxence Fermine

First published January 1, 1999

112 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 9780743456845 (ISBN10: 074345684X)

Rating: 3.74


In “Snow,” Maxence Fermine takes us on a journey through the snowy mountains of nineteenth-century Japan. Yuko Akita, a young haiku poet, embarks on a quest for art but finds love instead.

Fermine’s prose is as captivating and delicate as the snowflakes that blanket the landscape, and his love story is as sensuous as it is hypnotic. As Yuko searches for inspiration in the silent starkness of snow, he learns that love is the ultimate inspiration that brings color and light into his life.

Along the way, he discovers the fragility of life through the tragic story of his blind master, Soseki, and the love of his life, a French tightrope walker named Snow. In the end, love and art converge in a most exquisite way, opening Yuko’s heart to the purest of colors and the true beauty of life.

About the Author

Maxence Fermine was a writer who split his time between Paris and Africa. He has written several novels and collections of short stories.

In 1999, he published ‘Neige’, which was a pleasant surprise and led to his full dedication to writing. That same year, he released his second novel, ‘Le Violon noir’.

In 2000, he wrote ‘L’Apiculteur’, which received the Prix del Duca and the Prix Murat in 2001. Also in 2001, he co-wrote ‘Sagesses et malices de Confucius le roi sans royaume’ with Olivier Besson.

Maxence Fermine was a hard worker and continued to produce more novels such as ‘Opium’ in 2002, ‘Billard blues,’ ‘Jazz blanc,’ and ‘Poker’ in 2003. In 2004, he was awarded the Prix Europe 1 for his novel ‘Amazone’.

He followed with ‘Tango Massa├»’ in 2005 and ‘Le labyrinthe du temps’ in 2006. In 2007, Maxence Fermine published ‘Le Tombeau d’├ętoiles’.

Editoral Review

Snow by Maxence Fermine is a beautifully written novella that will take readers on a poetic journey to the French Alps. Maxence Fermine, a French author, published the book on January 1, 1999.

The book is part of the magical realism genre and presents a unique literary experience that readers will appreciate. The lyrical and evocative writing style make the story stand out from other works of its genre.

At its core, Snow tells the story of a man named Daniele, who arrives in the village of Mont-de-Champ to take up a position as a schoolteacher. Shortly after arriving, he stumbles upon a lone violinist, whose mysterious music fascinates and captivates Daniele, and he decides to follow the musician up a series of mountains, where he discovers a small cabin.

There he meets the violinist, a woman named Benedicte, and they begin a passionate and intimate relationship. Fermine’s narrative crafting of this simple and enchanting story will leave you spellbound.

He injects an extraordinary level of intimacy into the novel, capturing the intrinsic beauty of life and love through his lyrical prose. Fermine beautifully portrays the icy weather and snowcapped mountains in a way that will evoke strong emotions in readers.

The love story between Benedicte and Daniele is delicate, and the two characters complement each other in a captivating way. In addition to its literary value, the book’s cultural significance is significant.

The setting of the story, the French Alps, will take readers on a journey of self-discovery through encounters with diverse customs and traditions, embedded within the local communities. The novella is like a vacation, an escape from the hustle and bustle of life, and an opportunity to connect with the hidden beauty of nature.

While the book has many strengths, it is not without minor flaws. The story is a little too short, and readers will yearn for more details about the two main characters.

Benedicte’s character sometimes lacks depth, and her background and personality could have been better explored. However, these minor concerns do not take away from the novella’s overall beauty and the memorable experience it provides to the reader.

Overall, Snow by Maxence Fermine is a fantastic and highly recommended novella. Fermine’s unique voice breathes life into the story’s setting, characters, and themes.

The novella’s literary beauty and cultural significance will make it a great addition to anybody’s book collection. So, grab your blanket, read this charming novella, and let it take you to the French Alps as you discover the beauty of falling snow.

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