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Sterling by Dannika Dark Review

Title: Sterling

Author: Dannika Dark

First published September 5, 2011

278 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 3.97


In the book “Silbermagier” by Dannika Dark, Eliza’s life takes an unexpected turn when she discovers she possesses magical powers. After a near-death experience, Eliza finds herself struggling to control these newfound abilities.

That is until she meets the enigmatic and otherworldly Silas, who offers to train her in the ways of magic. As Eliza delves deeper into this unknown world, she realizes she must choose between the safety of the human world and the fascinating and dangerous world of magic.

Along the way, she learns about the price of freedom and the importance of loyalty. Will Eliza be able to harness her powers and make the right choice?

Only time will tell in this thrilling tale of magic and self-discovery.

About the Author

Dannika Dark is a talented author who has been recognized as a nine-time USA TODAY Bestselling author, APA Audie Awards Finalist, and winner.

For over a decade, readers have been captivated by her pulse-pounding urban fantasies and paranormal romances. These addictive books have been reread countless times, and it’s easy to see why.

Dark’s stories are full of courage, resilience, and unpredictable twists that explore the power within us all. Her unforgettable paranormal romance is a heartwarming tale about family, second chances, and finding that special someone who completes you.

And the best part? No cliffhangers!

In her action-packed urban fantasy, the stakes are always high. The characters are complex, and the stories are filled with dark secrets and passion.

It’s a thrilling hunt that you won’t want to miss.

Dark’s paranormal series is a wonderful blend of romance, action, magic, humor, and heartwarming stories. Each book is written in the same universe (Mageriverse) created by the author.

You can read each series independently without affecting your reading experience. And, thanks to Dark’s clever surprise twists and crossovers, you can experience the ultimate reading order.

Editoral Review

In Sterling, Dannika Dark takes readers on a journey into a supernatural world where the main character, Zo Merrick, must navigate through a series of trials to unlock her true potential. Dark, a talented author heavily steeped in the paranormal romance genre, has created a dark and exciting tale filled with magic, mystery, and romance.

The novel begins with Zo, a lowly grocery store clerk, discovering that she has the ability to shift into a wolf. From there, she is taken under the wing of a group of werewolves, including the enigmatic and enigmatic prince of the Sterling pack, Adam.

As Zo learns more about her newfound powers, she finds herself increasingly drawn to Adam, and the two become entangled in a tumultuous romance.

Sterling is set in a world that is both familiar and unfamiliar, with Dark crafting a world of werewolves and magic tucked away in the shadows of modern-day society.

Her descriptions of the pack hierarchy, the use of magic, and the rituals of the werewolves are all immersive and intriguing. The setting is conveyed with great detail and makes it easy for readers to envision themselves within the story.

As for the characters, Dark has crafted a cast that is as complex and vibrant as the world they inhabit. Zo is a strong, independent woman who is quick to stand up for herself and those she cares about.

Adam, the alpha male of the pack, is haunted by his tragic past and struggles to trust others. Dark does a great job of exploring the dynamic between the two characters, crafting a slow-burn romance that keeps readers on the edge of their seat.

One of the strengths of Sterling is Dark’s writing style, which is smooth and easy to read while still conveying the depth and complexity of her characters and world-building. The pacing of the story is also strong, with the plot moving quickly and seamlessly from one scene to the next.

Despite these strengths, Sterling is not without its flaws. The ending feels rushed and unsatisfying, with loose ends left untied and unanswered questions.

Additionally, some of the secondary characters feel underdeveloped, and readers may find themselves wishing for more information about their backstories or motivations. Despite these flaws, Sterling is an enjoyable and captivating read for fans of paranormal romance.

Dark has crafted a world filled with intrigue, beautifully flawed characters, and an exciting plot. It is an excellent choice for readers looking for a novel that explores the dynamics of power, the nature of destiny, and the enduring strength of love.

I give Sterling a 3.5 out of 5 rating, recommended for those who are into this genre.

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