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Tempestuous by Lesley Livingston Review

Title: Tempestuous

Author: Lesley Livingston

First published December 21, 2010

361 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 9780061740060 (ISBN10: 0061740063)

Rating: 4.01


Kelley Winslow is in love with Sonny Flannery, a boy with a powerful faerie magick he knows nothing about. To protect him from those who seek to use his power for their own gain, Kelley tells Sonny a lie that shatters their relationship.

Devastated, Sonny retreats to a hidden haven for lost faeries beneath New York City. But Kelley is determined to win him back.

She must uncover the truth about who is after Sonny’s magick and the Janus Guards that hunt innocent faeries. Alongside rebuilding her shattered theater company, Kelley must also resist the allure of the legendary Fenrys Wolf, whose heart of stone seems to melt when he is near her.

Will Kelley be able to save Sonny, protect her loved ones, and resist temptation, all while navigating the dangerous world of faeries?

Editoral Review

Lesley Livingston’s Tempestuous is an action-packed, young adult novel that is sure to delight fans of the fantasy genre. Livingston is a Canadian author who has been publishing books since 2010.

Her work has earned her a reputation as a talented and imaginative storyteller with a keen eye for character development, pacing and plot structure. The book is set in modern-day Manhattan, where the main character, Kelley Winslow, is attempting to adjust to her new life as a member of the Faerie court.

Though a human, Kelley was chosen by the Faerie Queen to be her champion and protect the mortal realm from malicious faeries who threaten to overturn the natural order of things. Along with her handsome, but mysterious faerie allies, Sonny and Rafe, Kelley navigates the dangerous terrain of Faerie politics while battling her own inner demons.

Tempestuous strikes a nice balance between contemporary realism and fantastical elements. Elements of the fantastical realm are seamlessly intertwined with the real world, creating a vivid and immersive setting that is both beautiful and unsettling.

The story’s themes of identity, love, loyalty, and sacrifice are handled deftly, making Tempestuous a highly entertaining read. Livingston’s writing is of high quality, and her characters are well-developed and relatable.

The pacing of the novel is generally good, with the action moving along at a brisk pace, but at times it feels as though it could benefit from slowing down a bit to allow the reader greater immersion in the world. One of the novel’s strengths is its ability to convey complex emotions and interpersonal relationships in a way that feels authentic and true to life.

Livingston’s prose is evocative and eloquent without being overly flowery, which allows the reader to become fully invested in the characters and the unfolding story. However, one area where the novel falls short is in its predictability.

Some of the plot twists and turns are telegraphed too clearly, which can lessen the impact of the story’s big reveals. Additionally, some of the character motivations are a bit too simplistic or one-dimensional, which can make it difficult to empathize with them at times.

Overall, Tempestuous is a well-crafted, genre-defying novel that is sure to satisfy fans of fantasy and young adult literature. While it may not be perfect, it is a highly entertaining and compelling read that is well worth the investment of time and attention.

For fans who are looking for a gripping, emotionally engrossing story that is both familiar and fresh, Tempestuous is an excellent choice.