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Tempt Me by Nina West Review

Title: Tempt Me

Author: Nina West

First published November 16, 2015

282 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 4.01


She thought she could outrun her past by taking a job in a remote hotel in Alaska. But little did she know, she was about to meet Henry Wolf, the enigmatic owner of the hotel chain.

Though he’s undeniably attractive, he’s also cold, distant, and demanding. And now, he’s her boss.

Abbi can feel his eyes on her, the way he seems to enjoy making her uncomfortable. She’s afraid he knows the effect he has on her.

As their interactions intensify, Abbi realizes she’s falling for him. But can she handle the consequences of giving in to her desires?

Tempt Me is the first book in The Wolf Hotel series, a steamy romance that will leave you breathless.

Editoral Review

In her debut novel, Tempt Me, Nina West offers a sensual and steamy forbidden romance that fans of the genre will surely adore. First published on November 16, 2015, the book is a contemporary take on a classic love story that explores themes of desire, betrayal, and the consequences of following one’s heart.

Set in a small town in Kentucky, the story follows the tumultuous relationship between Roxanne and Jack, two characters from opposite sides of the tracks. Roxanne is a successful lawyer from a wealthy family, while Jack is a bad boy with a troubled past who works as a mechanic.

Despite their differences, the two share a fiery chemistry that they cannot ignore. West skillfully crafts her characters, making them complex and multifaceted.

Roxanne is strong-willed and independent, while Jack is brooding and romantic. Their chemistry is undeniable, and the tension between them leaps off the pages.

The supporting cast of characters are equally well-drawn, adding depth and complexity to the story. One of the strengths of Tempt Me is Wests prose.

Her writing is lyrical and poetic, painting vivid descriptions of the Kentucky landscape and the characters’ emotions. Her steamy love scenes are well-crafted and add to the tension between Roxanne and Jack.

However, the pacing of the book can sometimes be inconsistent, with the story dragging at points. Additionally, some of the conflicts between the characters seem contrived, and a few of the plot twists are predictable.

That being said, Tempt Me is an enjoyable read for fans of the romance genre. Wests intimate knowledge of small-town life in Kentucky adds an authentic touch to the book, and her lyrical writing is a joy to read.

The characters are engaging and their chemistry jumps off the pages. Readers who enjoy romantic suspense novels would find Tempt Me a perfect addition to their TBR list.

It is a great summer read, perfect for enjoying on the beach. Overall, Tempt Me is a solid debut novel that showcases West’s talent as a writer.

It’s not without flaws, but the steamy romance and well-drawn characters make it an enjoyable read. I would recommend this to fans of the genre who are looking for a quick and entertaining read.

On a scale of one to five, I would give Tempt Me a solid three and a half stars.