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Tempted by Midnight by Lara Adrian Review

Title: Tempted by Midnight

Author: Lara Adrian

First published October 14, 2014

140 pages, Kindle Edition

Rating: 4.12


Emerging from the shadows, the Breed now lives among humans and vampires, fighting enemies on both sides. Lazarus Knight is one of the most powerful and eldest of his kind, scarred by the massacre of his Breedmate and family.

As the leader of the Order’s command center in Italy, he’s tasked with protecting an innocent woman, a mission he doesn’t want. But when his covert operation goes awry, Lazarus finds himself in an unlikely position- as a hero to the woman he desires but knows he shouldn’t.

Melena Walsh has always remembered the dashing Breed male who saved her life as a child. However, the man who’s now responsible for her safety is nothing like the hero she remembers.

With a dangerous desire sparking between them, Melena fears the cost of Lazarus’ protection may be her heart.

Editoral Review

Tempted by Midnight by Lara Adrian is an enthralling addition to the Midnight Breed series. Adrian is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who has established herself as a master of the paranormal romance genre.

Her novels are richly imaginative, packed with action, and full of steamy romance that will leave readers both breathless and yearning for more. In Tempted by Midnight, Adrian sets the story in Edinburgh, Scotland, where the warrior vampire, Nathan, has been sent on a mission to track down a rogue vampire who has been abducting women from the city.

Nathans mission becomes complicated when he becomes infatuated with Jordana, a young woman who is entangled in the rogue vampires web of deceit. Jordana is not what she seems, and Nathan must fight the temptation to risk his mission for the sake of his heart.

Adrians writing is fluid and captivating, and the pace of the novel is perfectly balanced, with just the right amount of action and romance to keep readers hooked from beginning to end. The setting of Edinburgh is a charming backdrop to the romance, and Adrians detailed descriptions of the city will transport readers to the cobbled streets and ancient buildings of Scotlands capital.

One of the strengths of Adrians writing is her ability to create complex characters who are both relatable and engaging. Nathan is brooding and sexy, the perfect alpha-male hero, while Jordana is intelligent and fiercely independent.

The chemistry between the two is palpable, and readers will find themselves rooting for their romance to succeed. The plot of the novel is well-crafted, with enough twists and turns to keep the reader guessing, while the resolution is satisfying and emotionally resonant.

Adrian also does an excellent job of exploring themes of trust, identity, and the power of love. While Tempted by Midnight is a strong addition to the Midnight Breed series, it does have some limitations.

The novel may not be accessible to readers who have not read the previous books in the series, as the plot and characters are heavily linked to the overarching story arc. Additionally, some readers may find the pacing slow in the middle of the novel, as Adrian takes time to explore the developing relationship between Nathan and Jordana.

Despite these limitations, Tempted by Midnight is an excellent read for fans of paranormal romance. Adrians engaging characters, intricate plot, and steamy romance will leave readers satisfied and eager for the next installment in the series.

Overall, Tempted by Midnight is a well-written, imaginative novel that showcases Adrians talent for storytelling and her mastery of the paranormal romance genre. Rating: 4/5 stars.