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The Accidental Vampire by Lynsay Sands Review

Title: The Accidental Vampire

Author: Lynsay Sands

First published December 1, 2007

372 pages, Paperback

ISBN: 9780575110717 (ISBN10: 0575110716)

Rating: 4.23


After waking up as a vampire, Emily Jones is forced to navigate a whole new world of supernatural creatures and customs. She’s learning to control her thirst for blood, avoid sunlight, and say goodbye to garlic bread.

Emily’s life is turned upside down when she meets Adam, a centuries-old vampire with a killer smile and a mysterious past. The attraction between them is undeniable, but Emily is still trying to adjust to her new life.

When a dangerous threat puts Emily’s existence in danger, Adam steps in to protect her. As they work together to uncover the source of the threat, Emily realizes she’s falling for Adam.

But can she trust him with her heart and her life?

About the Author

Lynsay Sands is a beloved author, renowned for her side-splitting historicals and the widely popular Argeneau/Rogue Hunter vampire series. Sands, with her charming and witty demeanor, describes books as “waking dreams” or “stories” that take us away from the mundanity of life and entertain us.

Sands has been crafting stories since her school days and feels fortunate to have made a career out of it. Her ultimate desire is to provide readers with an escape from their daily lives and, if her stories provoke an occasional uncontrollable fit of laughter, then that’s just an added bonus.

Her official website is definitely worth a visit.

Editoral Review

Lynsay Sands’ The Accidental Vampire is a compelling novel that is sure to captivate fans of the paranormal romance genre. First published on December 1, 2007, the book takes readers on an exciting adventure that combines romance, humor, and a bit of mystery.

Sands is an accomplished author known for crafting stories that leave readers wanting more. In The Accidental Vampire, she weaves a tale of love and laughter through the character development of the two main characters – Garrett Mortimer and Elvi Black.

Garrett Mortimer is a centuries-old vampire who has been living a secluded life in the Canadian wilderness. His life takes an interesting turn when he rescues Elvi Black, a dentist from Port Henry, New York, from a bear attack.

Elvi is a unique kind of vampire who was turned accidentally, and she not only struggles to live amongst humans but is also on the edge of starvation. As they both embark on a journey to save Elvi’s life, they start to develop romantic feelings for each other.

Garrett finds himself drawn to Elvi’s quirky personality, and she finds comfort in his strength and wisdom. However, danger lurks as they encounter other vampires who do not approve of their relationship.

Sands has an eye for creating likable and relatable characters. While Garrett is portrayed as the very embodiment of a dark, sexy vampire, Elvi comes across as an endearing and relatable character with her insecurities and unique quirks.

The Accidental Vampire is not just your typical vampire romance novel. It touches on themes of self-acceptance and resilience, which are universal and timely.

Sands does an excellent job of balancing humor and romance to make the book enjoyable and easy to read. One of the strengths of the book is Sands’ writing style.

Her prose is engaging, and she knows how to keep readers hooked until the end. The pacing is just right, neither too slow nor too fast, making for a satisfying reading experience.

While The Accidental Vampire is not without its flaws, Sands manages to keep them to a minimum. For instance, the conflict resolution at the end of the book feels a bit rushed, leaving lingering questions in the reader’s mind.

However, this is a minor issue that pales in comparison to the book’s many strengths. In summary, Lynsay Sands’ The Accidental Vampire is an excellent addition to the vampire romance genre.

With its well-crafted characters, engaging story, and relatable themes, it is sure to delight readers. The book is a must-read for fans of paranormal romance and anyone looking for an entertaining read.

On a scale of one to five, I would give this book a solid four stars. Whether you’re a vampire enthusiast or just looking for a fun and exciting read, The Accidental Vampire is definitely worth your time.