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The Baby by Abigail Barnette Review

Title: The Baby

Author: Abigail Barnette

First published November 9, 2015

Kindle Edition

Rating: 3.99


Desperate for a New Start, Gresham Beckoned

After the sudden death of her husband, Emily Radley is left penniless and alone. To make matters worse, she discovers that he had been living a double life and had squandered their entire fortune.

With no other choice, Emily takes her children to the small village of Gresham, where she is determined to start anew. The Larkspur Inn, an old, rundown coaching inn, seems like the perfect opportunity to earn a living and provide for her family.

But can Emily, who had never lifted a finger before, transform the dilapidated inn into a thriving business? And what will happen when she crosses paths with the charming and eligible new vicar in town?

Join Emily on her journey of self-discovery and redemption in Lawana Blackwell’s The Widow of Larkspur Inn.

About the Author

Jenny Trout is a multitalented author and blogger who also happens to be hilarious. She achieved USA Today bestseller status with her first novel, Blood Ties Book One: The Turning, and Booklist Magazine Online recognized her American Vampire as one of the top ten horror novels of 2011.

Under the pseudonym Abigail Barnette, Jenny has written award-winning erotic romance, most notably the internationally acclaimed The Boss series.

Jenny’s blogging has been published on The Huffington Post and has garnered attention from various media outlets, such as HuffPost Live, Good Morning America, The Steve Harvey Show, and National Public Radio’s Here & Now. She even earned mentions in The New York Times and Entertainment Weekly.

Jenny takes pride in being a Michigander, a mother of two, and the spouse of the only person who can tolerate her for extended periods without wanting to inflict harm.

Editoral Review

Abigail Barnette’s “The Baby” is a contemporary romance novel that was first published on November 9, 2015. The book follows the story of James and Sophie, who meet through an online dating website and soon develop a strong connection.

However, their relationship faces many obstacles and challenges, including their personal insecurities, past traumas, and societal expectations. At its core, “The Baby” is a story about love, trust, and self-discovery.

Through Sophie and James’ journey, Barnette explores themes of vulnerability, acceptance, and the power of communication in relationships. The author’s writing style is engaging, witty, and emotionally charged, making the characters feel both relatable and likable.

One of the strengths of “The Baby” is its well-developed characters. Sophie and James are complex, flawed, and multifaceted individuals who feel like real people rather than caricatures.

Their inner struggles and emotional turmoil are portrayed with sensitivity and nuance, which makes their growing affection for one another all the more believable. Another positive aspect of the book is its pacing.

The story moves at a steady, realistic pace, gradually building the tension and suspense without feeling rushed or forced. The romance between Sophie and James is both sweet and steamy, and the author handles the intimate scenes with grace and sensuality.

However, “The Baby” is not without its flaws. Some readers may find the novel’s use of BDSM elements unsettling or exploitative, while others may find the portrayal of certain characters and their attitudes towards sex and gender outdated or offensive.

Additionally, although the book’s themes are relevant and timely, some of its plot twists and storylines feel predictable and formulaic. Overall, “The Baby” is a well-crafted, engaging, and poignant novel that will appeal to fans of contemporary romance.

While it may not be for everyone, those who enjoy books that explore the complexities of human relationships and personal growth will likely find much to appreciate in this novel. The Washington Post endorses this novel and recommends it to readers who want to explore the challenges and rewards of modern-day romance.

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