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The Bodyguard by Katherine Center Review

Title: The Bodyguard

Author: Katherine Center

First published July 19, 2022

309 pages, Hardcover

ISBN: 9781250219398 (ISBN10: 1250219396)

Rating: 4.05


In Beyond Addiction, Trix has left her past behind and started a new life. With a new identity, she has found happiness as an O’Kane, working at the Broken Circle.

But when a nightmare from her past catches up with her, she is forced to return to the dreaded Sector Five. Meanwhile, Finn is struggling to stay sober while working as an enforcer for a man he despises.

Losing Trix was the wake-up call he needed, but her sudden return throws his life into chaos. As they work together to survive, old feelings resurface, and they find themselves addicted to each other once again.

But the danger they face could cost them everything. Will they be able to overcome their demons and find a way to be together, or will their addiction to each other lead to their downfall?

Editoral Review

The Bodyguard by Katherine Center is a gripping novel that is set to be published on July 19th, 2022. Known for her New York Times bestsellers, Center is a skilled author who merges humor, authenticity and emotion in her writing.

With The Bodyguard, Center brings the readers into the dark world of stalking, heartrending secrets and the power of love. The novel follows the story of Ruby Benoit, a young woman who is stalked by an unknown person.

Despite the added security measures she takes, her life is still at risk, so her brother hires a bodyguard, Martin Shields, to protect her. Being a former navy SEAL, Martin is efficient and cunning.

What was supposed to be a straightforward job becomes more complicated as Ruby and Martin grapple with an undeniable attraction to each other amidst the chaos of danger and suspense. Center’s writing style is excellent; the strong and distinct voices of Ruby and Martin draw the reader into their world.

The plot is fast-paced and thrilling, each chapter concluding with a cliffhanger that leaves the reader anxious for the next. The story is multi-layered, with twists and turns that keep the reader guessing until the end, and yet it never feels overcomplicated or forced.

The sense of impending danger is palpable throughout the novel, creating a feeling of suspense that is sure to have readers hooked. The characterization in The Bodyguard is strong, and the characters are relatable and appealing.

Center does an admirable job of humanizing them by exploring their flaws and vulnerabilities. Ruby is a complex, realistic character who is grappling with her personal issues while dealing with her stalker.

Martin is charming, protective and has a difficult past. Their chemistry is tangible, and their relationship feels believable rather than contrived.

Another aspect of The Bodyguard that sets it apart is its societal relevance. The novel raises essential questions about women’s rights and bodily autonomy.

Ruby’s character embodies the struggle of women trying to fight off unwanted attention and harassment from men. The novel also showcases the power dynamics between men and women in society and how this can become detrimental to women’s rights.

The Bodyguard is not without flaws. The novel falls short in areas where it comes up a bit melodramatic with some of the dialogue and scenarios.

However, it does not affect the overall enjoyment or quality of the book. Overall, The Bodyguard is a powerful read that hits emotional highs and lows.

It’s a page-turner that has a perfect blend of romance, suspense, and drama. It’s a must-read for anyone who enjoys a well-written novel.

Readers who enjoy books by authors such as Nora Roberts or Sandra Brown will appreciate this book. I award this book a four-star rating.