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The Dark Side of Disney by Leonard Kinsey Review

Title: The Dark Side of Disney

Author: Leonard Kinsey

First published July 30, 2011

171 pages, Nook

ISBN: 2940011433399

Rating: 3.16


Are you ready to explore the dark side of the happiest place on earth? Look no further than Leonard Kinsey’s book, THE DARK SIDE OF DISNEY.

This completely unauthorized guidebook will reveal all the tips, tricks, scams, and stories that Disney doesn’t want you to know about. Kinsey fearlessly uncovers the seamy, raunchy, and often hilarious underbelly of Walt Disney World.

With cautionary tales of scoring illegal tickets, thrilling accounts of exploring off-limits areas, and chronicles of drug-induced debauchery, this guidebook will change the way you think about vacationing at Disney. So, pack your bags and leave the kids at home because THE DARK SIDE is about to make your next Disney vacation the best one yet!

About the Author

Meet Leonard Kinsey, a Florida native who has had a lifelong love affair with Walt Disney World. By the age of 18, he had already visited the most magical place on earth over 100 times! As an adult, Leonard’s infatuation with The Mouse has only grown stronger.

He has amassed an impressive collection of vintage EPCOT Center memorabilia and makes it a point to visit WDW at least once every year. Even when he’s not physically there, he stays connected with Cast Members and other Orlando-based friends and family.

When he’s not indulging his Disney obsession, Leonard keeps himself busy with a range of creative pursuits. He’s published a comic book and written and directed a feature film that was distributed internationally.

He’s also an accomplished musician who plays guitar in a rock band. The band has even made an appearance on a popular FOX TV show and released two critically acclaimed albums.

Leonard is a true renaissance man, whose passions and talents know no bounds.

Editoral Review

Title: The Dark Side of Disney

Author: Leonard Kinsey

Genre: Non-Fiction, Travel, Theme Parks

Published: July 30, 2011

In “The Dark Side of Disney,” Leonard Kinsey pulls back the curtain on the Happiest Place on Earth to reveal the seedy underbelly of the iconic theme park. Kinsey, a self-professed Disney fanatic, sets out to explore the park’s hidden secrets, unspoken rules, and off-limits areas, revealing the dark side of Disney that many visitors never see.

The book is a mix of travel guide, memoir, and investigative journalism that exposes the unsavory aspects of Disney culture. At its core, the book is a cautionary tale about what can happen when a corporate behemoth like Disney controls every aspect of its guests’ experience.

Kinsey’s writing style is conversational and humorous, making it an easy read. He shares some of his own misadventures in the park, such as sneaking into the abandoned “Discovery Island,” which adds a personal touch to the book.

But for the most part, Kinsey lets the stories speak for themselves, providing a glimpse behind the scenes of the Magic Kingdom. One of the strengths of the book is its focus on the people who work at Disney.

Kinsey interviews former employees who reveal the grueling working conditions and strict rules they must follow to maintain the illusion of perfection. He also touches on Disney’s history of labor disputes and its controversial hiring practices.

However, the book is not without its flaws. Kinsey sometimes comes across as overly obsessed with Disney, which can make the book feel repetitive at times.

The pacing is also uneven, with some chapters dragging on longer than necessary. Despite its flaws, “The Dark Side of Disney” is a fascinating read for anyone interested in the theme park industry or corporate culture.

It’s also a cautionary tale about the dangers of putting blind faith in a brand as large and powerful as Disney. Overall, I would recommend this book to anyone planning a trip to Disney who wants to know more about what goes on behind the scenes.

It’s also a compelling read for anyone interested in themes of corporate power, labor issues, and the darker side of American culture. I give “The Dark Side of Disney” a rating of 4/5 stars for its engaging storytelling, insightful reporting, and cautionary message.

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